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Charles by Mind Map: Charles

1. Hand Over

1.1. Integrations, IES & TG governance

1.1.1. Handover to Rick and Team

1.2. KR103

1.2.1. SAP Corporate and CX Initiatives, IES & Technology guidelines

1.3. KR32

1.3.1. Integration frame with ISV partners

2. OKRs

2.1. OKR Core team + Ownership of KRs and Initiativies

3. Product management practice

3.1. Establish the overarching Product management practice across EC and Upscale teams with standardized processes, tools, and a community of practice for Product managers.

4. Outbound PM (Hire) ?

5. Roadmap

5.1. Strategy to roadmap planning

5.2. Internal roadmap planning and tools

5.3. External roadmap process

6. Enablement and Outbound