Inheritance of Traits

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Inheritance of Traits by Mind Map: Inheritance of Traits

1. DNA

1.1. Stands for Deoxyribonucleic Acid

1.2. A chemical that contains the genetic code or instructions for traits

1.3. No one has the same DNA as another

1.4. DNA is found in your chromosomes

1.5. DNA is passed down from your parents/ancestors

2. Heredity

2.1. The passing of physical traits from parents to offspring

3. Genes

3.1. Regions Of DNA Along Chromosomes That Code For Different Traits

3.2. Carries Traits

3.3. Passed Down Through Heredity

3.4. Made Of DNA

4. Chromosomes

4.1. Threadlike Structures In A Cell's Nucleus That Organizes DNA Around Proteins

4.2. 23 Pairs From Each Parent In Each Cell

4.3. 46 Chromosomes In Each Cell

4.4. Storage Unit For Genes And DNA

5. Sperm

5.1. Male Sex Cells

5.2. Carries 1/2 Of The Traits From Father To Offspring

6. Egg

6.1. Female Sex Cells

6.2. Carries 1/2 Of The Traits From Mother To Offspring

7. Dominant Gene

7.1. The Gene That Overpowers Another

7.2. Only Needs 1

8. Recessive Gene

8.1. The Gene That Needs Two To Overpower Dominant

8.2. Usually Skips Generations

9. Alleles

9.1. Different Forms Of The Same Gene

10. Inheritance

10.1. You Inherit At Least Two Alleles For Each Trait

10.2. One From Mom, One From Dad

11. Dominant Alleles

11.1. At Least One Copy Of The Allele Has To Be Present

11.2. Letters Are Used To Represent Genes/Alleles

12. Recessive Alleles

12.1. Only If You Inherit Two Recessive Alleles