Reading: Chapter 6 Building on Different Strengths to Make Reading Visible

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Reading: Chapter 6 Building on Different Strengths to Make Reading Visible by Mind Map: Reading: Chapter 6 Building on Different Strengths to Make Reading Visible

1. i think its ridiculous that the teacher is being reprimanded for believing in human rights! are gay rights not human rights!?? some people are living in the past and need a firm smack across the head.

2. Favorite Quotes

2.1. "why do i believe that writing a comparison/contrast paper is the way instead of a way" (by Alycia, dittoed by Tannys)

2.2. "they're red like fire, b/c they're really mad" pg. 174

2.3. The SRI "gave me a chance to show what I know". p.173 MR

2.4. Once students learn how to question and converse with one another, and question and converse with authors, they frequently become engaged in lively conversations with their peers concerning the text and its implications. p. 170 MR

2.5. One student said that her drug-addicted father had abused her when she was a little girl, but that didn't give her the rigth to "just go out and abuse someone else - or even drugs - if I feel like it". p. 176 MR

3. Ideas for my clasroom ...

3.1. Symbolic Story Representation

3.1.1. Example:

3.1.2. Example:

3.1.3. Would you use this? This is an SRI at work in The Great Gatsby. I may use it if I became more familar with how it should actually look in a classroom. I would need someone to model it first, then I would try it. MR

3.1.4. yes i think i would, it would be a bit of work, but i think very beneficial for students b/c like stated in the book, the one girl knew what was going on and contributed to conversations, but when it came to writing them out, it did not suffice to the extent of her abilities, therefore SRI was another and successful way for her to explore, interpret, and relate to the story, while the teacher has a piece of assessment OF learning.

3.1.5. Do you understand what "this" is? I don't understand why you need to make a physical representation of yourself and "move yourself around the text". Does this really help students to connect with the characters in the text? MR

3.1.6. to an extent i understand what it means. A SRI is a different way for multiple types of learners to show what they know. Not all people can write out what they understand so this provides a different way to show understanding through art, artifacts, and talk.

4. Questions I had while reading

4.1. Other concepts we might preach but not practice (pg. 152)

4.1.1. conflict resolution and sustainable development PEACE! MR LOVE

4.2. The text states that a unit around the topic of tolerance is a real issue for students and of great it recognized as such by teachers in winnipeg (see the news article)***


4.2.2. I think i would try it in my classroom in ELA, but my question is besides reading a novel, and with other subject areas, how can i employ this strategy?

4.2.3. Why is it that parents expect teachers to teach their children everything... how to use manners, how to tie their shoes, how to write a paragraph, how to feed themselves, how to become responsible... but as soon as an issue like Religion or Sexuality arises, parents all of sudden are now the ones responsible for raising their children. Isn't it important for students to know about bisexuality and transgender?? Do parents think that just because it is talked about in school their child is going to Hell?? MR

5. Important Ideas about the Chapter

5.1. The SRI provides a unique opportunity for both students and the teacher to see not only how individuals read a text, but also how they make sense of the world around them. MR

5.2. The SRI provided an opportunity to share their personal thoughts and ideas in a nonthreatening way. MR

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9.1. Jessica Stewin's idea to use an online mind mapping tool is brilliant. I will definitely be using this with my Grade 6's in practicum! MR