South Asia: Spatial Inequality

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South Asia: Spatial Inequality by Mind Map: South Asia: Spatial Inequality

1. Recources

1.1. Spatial Inequality

1.2. Spatial Inequality

1.3. Income Inequality and Poverty: A Comparison of Brazil and Honduras

1.4. LibGuides: Geography, Year 10: Spatial Inequality: Home

1.5. Mass Urbanization Could Lead to Unprecedented Human Creativity -– But Only if We Do it Right

2. Stuff

2.1. India was separated into India and Pakistan

2.2. Contains 1/5 of worlds population

2.3. More than 1 billion people

2.4. 25% live bellow poverty line

2.5. 70% live in rural areas

2.5.1. Most are farmers who only grow enough food to survive

2.5.2. Farming is a difficult way to live

2.5.3. Good farmland is scarce

3. More stuff

3.1. people are movie into urban areas

3.2. 30% of population is now urban

3.3. moving in search of opportunities

3.4. India is a technology center

3.5. puts more stress on resources of city

3.6. slum population: 69 million