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1. Settings

1.1. The Slums of India (shown through flashbacks of Jamal's childhood memories)

1.2. The "Who Wants To Be a Millionaire" studio

1.3. The Police Station where Jamal is interrogated

2. Themes

2.1. Love

2.1.1. 'Slumdog Millionaire' is truly a love story. The movie deals with romantic love (Jamal &Latika) and love between family (Jamal & Salim). It also deals with the question of what happens when there's a lack of love. The lack of love is e.g. shown in the main characters'upbringing, Latika's forced relationships with Salim & Javed, and the visualisation of the female prostitutes' getting paid for physically 'loving' their customers.

2.2. Destiny/fate

2.2.1. Destiny as a theme sets a clear framework for the movie. Jamal believes in fate, and that fate at some point will lead him back to Latika. The theme is furthermore present when discussing the possibility of Jamal winning "Who Wants To Be a Millionaire": was it destiny that a Slumdog should win the twenty million rupees? An example of the theme destiny being present in a conversation between Jamal and Latika. Latika: You came back for me Jamal: Of course Latika: I thought you'd forgotten Jamal: I'd never forgotten. Not for one moment. I knew I'd find you in the end. It's our destiny.

2.3. Society and class

2.3.1. India was in 2016 announced the number two most unequal country by The Independent. 'Slumdog Millionaire' shows the gap between shocking poverty and enormous wealth.

2.4. Escapism

2.4.1. Escapism plays a major role in 'Slumdog Millionaire', as many of the characters have something they want to escape from. The theme is extremely dominant in the lower classes of the society, as the people living here want to escape from reality and dream of living a better life. Escapism is in the movie expressed through the fact that "Who Wants To Be a Millionaire" is so popular amongst the people living in the slums.

3. Characters

3.1. Jamal Malik

3.1.1. Humble Does not pursue fame or fortune, but pursues his love for Latika. Jamal joined "Who Wants To Be a Millionaire" as he, "thought Latika would be watching", and not because he dreamed of winning twenty million rupees.

3.1.2. Perserverant Although destiny plays a major role in the love story of Jamal and Latika, Jamal arguably could not have succeeded without his extraordinary perseverance. Jamal had to overcome several conflicts and tragedies (including the death of his mother) to get to Latika. Jamal furthermore had to overcome and escape poverty before reaching the love of his life.

3.1.3. Determined The young Jamal was determined to get his idol's autograph, as well as the older Jamal, is determined to find Latika again. Jamal Malik desperately wanting an autograph

3.1.4. Loyal

3.2. Latika

3.2.1. "The third musketeer"

3.2.2. Perserverant Latika has, like Jamal, faced major conflicts and tragedies throughout her childhood and youth. She met Jamal and Salim an evening when she was standing in the rain, crying, just a few meters away from the boys' shelter. Latika was furthermore objectified and sexualized from a young age. She was as an example kept a virgin to increase her value as a prostitute.

3.3. Salim

3.3.1. Dynamic

3.3.2. Twosided Heart Salim protects Jamal after the death of their mother Salim saves Jamal from being blinded by Marman Lack thereof Salim tells Jamal not to let Latika sleep beneath their shelter Salim is jealous of Jamal's relationship with Latika

3.3.3. Can he be forgiven?

4. Plot

4.1. Jamal and his brother Salim grows up in the slums of India. Their mother dies and soon after they meet Latika, who becomes their "third musketeer".

4.2. Their paths separate.

4.3. Jamal believes that Latika and him are destined for each other and so he participates in the TV-show "Who Wants To Be a Millionaire".

4.4. Jamal answers all questions correctly and wins twenty million rupees.

4.5. It is questioned whether Jamal has cheated on the TV-show, and he is therefore interrogated.

4.6. Each question in "Who Wants To Be a Millionaire" is followed by a flashback to his childhood. Through these flashbacks, we get to know why Jamal knows the answers to the questions. Jamal explains this in further detail during his interrogation.