Personal Business Model

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Personal Business Model by Mind Map: Personal Business Model

1. My Ideal Self

1.1. Have close and trusted friends

1.2. help people

1.2.1. Who do I want to help within my means

1.3. Solve a social issue

1.3.1. The side effect of mobile technology

1.4. Involved in "Something Cool"

1.5. Healthy, Inspiring, happy

2. My Leadership Strengths

2.1. Learner

2.1.1. Keep a reflective journal

2.1.2. Variety of Interests: Language, Arts, Illustration, coding, New things

2.2. Maximiser

2.2.1. Inspire individuals to do some fine work

2.3. Input

2.3.1. Prefer to do things at my own pace

2.3.2. Conversation, exchange idea with other intelligent individuals

2.4. Context

2.4.1. Excel when cared about as a human being.

2.5. Empathy

2.5.1. keenly aware of people's feelings

3. My Weakness

3.1. Lack of social connections

3.2. Not a people person, but also do not like being in solitude

3.3. Complacent

3.4. Easily affected by emotions, Pessimistic

4. New Behaviors

4.1. Build Confidence and credential

4.1.1. Practice Public Speaking

4.1.2. Finding a mission, gain experience

4.2. Strengthen Leadership Traits

4.2.1. Further understand and improve emotional intelligence

4.3. Establish Personal Brand

4.3.1. How others see me now

4.3.2. where are the gaps

4.3.3. Net working - Finding the right crowd

4.4. May need to find a career coach

5. Where do I want to be in 3-5 years

5.1. Humble living

5.2. Small Social Venture

5.3. Arts and Cultural field

6. Emotional Intelligence

6.1. Perceive and Express self and others' emotions

6.2. Effective management of emotions