Learning Area: Technologies Lesson 1

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Learning Area: Technologies Lesson 1 by Mind Map: Learning Area: Technologies Lesson 1

1. Structure

1.1. introduction

1.1.1. Before lesson commences set out different materials. Students are to group materials (whole class activity) into general waste, recyclable, and reusable.

1.1.2. After students have grouped all materials introduce the unit. Explain to students that in pairs, they will be creating robots out of different materials and then using them to create a video raising awareness on pollution and the effects on the environment.

1.2. Body

1.2.1. Brainstorm ideas on the board regarding materials, robot parts (head, body, antennae) and key messages for the video.

1.2.2. Allow students time to plan their robots using the planning sheet

1.2.3. Remind students that there are prompts on the board (brainstorm)

1.3. Conclusion

1.3.1. Allow pair and individual reflection time for each student

1.3.2. Students to write down their goals (in their goals book) regarding the assessment and what they will do to achieve this

1.3.3. Students can share their plan and goals with class

2. Prior knowledge

2.1. In HASS students’ have been looking at sustainability. They have previously learnt about recyclable and reusable materials and looked at different types of pollution and its effects on different environments. Students have also experimented with different digital technologies such as ‘Green Screen by Do Ink’ and ‘WeVideo’.

3. Curriculum

3.1. Content descriptors relevant to this lesson

3.1.1. • (ACTDEP015) • (ACTDEP016) • (ACTDEP017)

3.2. Achievement Standard relevant to this lesson

3.2.1. By the end of Year 4, students describe how social, technical and sustainability factors influence the design of solutions to meet present and future needs

3.2.2. Students outline and define needs, opportunities or problems. They collect, manipulate and interpret data from a range of sources to support decisions.

3.2.3. They use identified criteria for success, including sustainability considerations, to judge the suitability of their ideas, solutions and processes.

4. Subject content from ACARA and SCSA

4.1. Digital Technologies

4.2. Design and Technology

5. Cross-Curricular priorities

5.1. Sustainability

6. Band level

6.1. Year 3/4

7. Objectives

7.1. • Students will work cooperatively in pair to create a ‘robot’ design using recyclable and reusable materials. • Students will identify and follow given task criteria

8. Teaching adjustments

8.1. Students are placed in pairs to encourage cooperative learning

8.2. Hot glue guns manned by teacher/EA/parent helper always. Students with IEP’s and different abilities are to be considered during the planning of these lesson to ensure their learning and support needs are being met.