Agilizing Lean Methods methods

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Agilizing Lean Methods methods by Mind Map: Agilizing Lean Methods methods

1. Meetings & Planning

1.1. Daily Scrum

1.1.1. Daily Stand Up

1.2. Sprint Review

1.2.1. Weekly Leadership Review

1.3. Retrospective

1.3.1. Review

2. Team Roles

2.1. Product Owner

2.1.1. Value Stream Leader/Process Owner

2.2. Team

2.2.1. Delivery Team Score / CI Team

2.2.2. Self Directed team with resources needed to do most of the work, co-located with Servant Leader

2.3. Scrum Master

2.3.1. BB/PEX Resouce

2.4. Business Owners

2.4.1. Champion/Sponsor

2.5. Program Roles

2.5.1. ??? Guiding Coalition

2.5.2. Architect PEX

2.6. ???

2.6.1. Business Transformation Leader

2.7. Lean Agile Leader

2.7.1. Lean Leader

3. TimeBox

3.1. Release Management

3.1.1. Product Mgmt/Porfolio Mgmt

3.2. Release (1 or more Sprints)

3.2.1. Post Test/Successful Pilot released for production

3.3. Process/Product Vision

3.3.1. Build Strategy & Strategic Planning Vision BTO Annual Objectives Feature

3.3.2. Value Stream Map Roadmap Plan Multigenerational Plan

3.3.3. Investment Themes Epics Story Task

3.4. Sprint (shortest time as possible)

3.4.1. Testing Pilot Experimentation

3.4.2. Iterate

4. Project Tracking

4.1. Kanban Board

5. KEY

5.1. High Interest

6. (This is the Structure of Notes) Agile first then lean concepts Notice the attachments and links!

6.1. AGILE >>>

6.1.1. >>> Lean Concepts

7. Learning

7.1. Empirical

7.1.1. Verified by observation Pivot on Learnings

7.2. Do-Check-Act

7.3. Error created-Error Detected-Error Corrected

7.4. Testing

7.4.1. Success Metrics (x & y)

7.4.2. Pilot

7.4.3. Pilot test can be used to determine what is possible, stressing the system to beyond limits

7.5. VOC - Customer Feedback During Implemenation

8. Work Component

8.1. Smallest Change/

8.1.1. Create story for changes (i.e. As a Clerk I will manage the work queue in order of flow in coming work so that work is prioritized naturally FIFO)

8.2. SOP?

8.3. Sizing of Work

8.3.1. (Not sure if there is a need to size effort for Transformation work in Project Planning?)


9.1. Agile Framework, Example of Big Picture

9.2. Lean Methods- AIM, has Agile Ideas Included

9.3. Lean Methods - Lean Agile

10. Speed

10.1. Velocity

10.1.1. Capacity

10.2. How much can the proces/team do in a given time fram is dependant on # of resouces and output of each resource.

11. Quality

11.1. Testing

11.1.1. Mistakeproofing

11.2. How to build quality into the process, in Lean we look to mistake proofing or controls, in Agile testing is neccssary or needs to be built into development methods. such as test driven development