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Electricity by Mind Map: Electricity

1. 1-static Electricity

1.1. 1-A static charge is an electric charge at rest

2. 2-what is current

2.1. 2-A substance in which electrons can flow freely from one atom to the next. Conductors are used to move energy from one place to another

3. 3- what is voltage

3.1. 3- (v) is the unit used to measure current intensity

4. 4- basic parts of a circuit and what they do

4.1. 4-Batteries are reserves of chemical energy that can be transformed into electrical energy

4.2. -4 Insulators such as wood and plastic, are materials that do not easily transmit heat, cold or electricity

4.3. 4-Resistance is the part of an electrical circuit that resists the flow of electricity

4.4. 4- wire connects everything together

4.5. 4- open switch cuts off the electrons

4.6. 4- closed switch connects the circuits

5. 5- Difference between alternating current and direct current

5.1. 5-Direct current is current which flows in one direction only

5.2. 5- Alternating current is current which electrons periodically reverse direction.

6. 6- parallel and series circuits

6.1. 6-In series all the components in the circuits are connected in a loop

6.2. 6- In a parallel circuit the components in the circuit are lined up, splitting the electrical pathways

7. 7- ohm's law

7.1. 7-the relation ship between voltage, current and resistance (R) can be written as the following equation R=V/I

8. 8-what is the difference between current, voltage, and resistance in parallel and series circuits.

8.1. 8- in parallel total current= current 1+ current 2+ current 3; Total voltage= voltage 1= voltage 2= voltage 3; Total resistance= resistance 1+ resistance 2 + resistance 3

8.2. 8- Total voltage= voltage 1+ voltage 2+ voltage 3; Total current= current 1= current 2= current 3; Total resistance = resistance 1+ resistance 2+ resistance 3

9. 9- what is power

9.1. 9-power is the rate at which energy is transformed or the rate at which work is done (measured in watts)