TRIALOGICAL APPROACH ON LEARNING (Kai Hakkarainen & Sami Paavola, _______)

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TRIALOGICAL APPROACH ON LEARNING (Kai Hakkarainen & Sami Paavola, _______) by Mind Map: TRIALOGICAL APPROACH ON LEARNING (Kai Hakkarainen & Sami Paavola, _______)

1. Three Metaphors of Learning

1.1. 1. Knowledge acquisition aka MONOLOGICAL view

1.1.1. Process-constructing subject matter knowledge and mental representations

1.1.2. Individuals / Within mind

1.1.3. A person mind= EMPTY vessel, Learning= a process to FILL up the vessel

1.1.4. Individually expertise

1.2. 2. Participation aka DIALOGICAL view

1.2.1. Process-participating in social communities

1.2.2. Interaction with others

1.2.3. Groups, communities, networks and cultures

1.2.4. Communities of practice

1.3. 3. Knowledge creation aka TRIALOGICAL view

1.3.1. Process-creating and developing new material and conceptual artifacts collaboratively

1.3.2. Individuals + Groups

1.3.3. Knowledge-creating organizations

2. Principle Features of Trialogical Learning

2.1. 1. Activities around shared objects

2.1.1. Eg Task distribution, Regular meetings, collaborative development for projects

2.2. 2. Mediated interaction between individuals and collective activities

2.2.1. Eg Coordinating participants, collective responsibiities

2.3. 3. Development and creativity through knowledge transformations & reflection

2.3.1. Eg Discussion and analysis of problems the teams faced

2.4. 4. Long-term processes of knowledge advancement

2.4.1. Eg Using forums, blogs and social media to discuss problems and talk about their opinions

2.5. 5. Cross-fertilization of knowledge practices and artifacts across comunities

2.5.1. Eg Hybridization between schooling/studying and research cultures

2.6. 6. Technology tools for developing practices

2.6.1. Eg Google Docs, Google Drive, Google Apps