VC South East Planning

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VC South East Planning by Mind Map: VC South East Planning

1. Production

1.1. Staff

1.1.1. Draftee Seren Doing a super job/ checking junior's work/ soil/survey from PG Next trip to PG - ?? Elliot keeping a close eye on his performance/ how many ACC in weekly planner Has improved his output since we had a performance discussion with Elliot Julian Double story ACC drafting since 7/3 Lesley Double story ACC drafting since 7/3 Dilmini Completing easy ACC jobs Dean Has improved his output and quality in previous months. Looking to start ACC's in Aug/Sept after further training. Seren- to look after drafting when Im on annual leave- planner - will step through again starting in April

1.1.2. Sales Estimator Glenn Continue training Tina/Ryan Ryan H progressed to S1/S2 estimates/ doing site costs for sales Tina completing all level of jobs, fitted in really well with the tam TBA Looking to bring someone in around Sept/Oct to help with workload and fixed site costs

1.1.3. Production Estimator Andrew starts Monday 14th May Replacement for Pat Training program is in place Patrick Leaving in July completing all level of jobs Joey Experienced estimator with consistent performance Mustafa Working well in the team, progressing through his training. Will start double storey's in Jun/July TBA Ideally located in Traralgon office - start date Nov/Dec

1.2. Production WIP Agenda

1.2.1. Next meeting is Thursday 24th May Engineers doing a presentation ETS- TOP 5 OMR DETAILS KPI'S OVERVIEW

1.3. Succession planning when Ryan is on annual leave

1.3.1. Glenn to learn the estimating method for planner - starting end of April

1.3.2. Sere to look after drafting when i'm on annual leave. Planner preparation is under way

2. Sales

2.1. Staff

2.1.1. Sales Consultants Aaron Wilson Strengths: calm, detailed and spends time with clients Weakness: needs to think outside the box and find ways to promote his region opportunities: new displays will create more traffic, plenty of titled land Threats: pricing in central not yet comparable to competitors Brad Martindale Stengths: Passionate, marketing himself well in local community,, great at building repeat buyers Weakness: needs to see the bigger picture for VCS not just the wonthaggi team Opportunities: a lot of land coming on in wonthaggi, maybe display opportunity in a few years, good investor market Threats: land availability on the island has reduced and pricing has jumped dramatically and no new estates in planning. Chris Cullen strengths: has great rapport and relates well to his market Weakness: isn't as computer savvy as he could be Opportunities: Surrounding towns have plenty of titled land Threats: Shannon waters in administration, so land banks in Bairnsdale limited, display is at wrong end of village, limiting traffic Jamie Power Strengths: passionate and driven, great numbers and clean files, doesn't get much better Weakness: stress's too much, needs to focus on what he can fix and control what he can control opportunities: plenty of new land in pipeline, growth region coming from eastern suburbs, large investor market Threats: more metro and country builders moving into the market place

2.2. Display Locations

2.2.1. Bairnsdale Shannon waters DV2 Brookfields blocks on hold, waiting on land contracts for proposal. titles due Apr 19, display proposed Nov 19

2.2.2. Traralgon Stockdale fields DV2 Franklin Place blocks on hold and proposal sent to Cass for processing. settlement July 19, proposed opening April 2020

2.2.3. Warragul WFR DV3 new display just opened re assess in 12 months

2.2.4. Wonthaggi Whystesands DV2 Parklands block on hold and proposal sent to Cass for processing, proposed opening Oct 2019

2.2.5. Drouin Weebar road new display opportunity, blocks on hold waiting on land contracts for proposal. Golf course proposed display late 2020

2.3. Marketing

2.3.1. West Gippsland lifetime guarantee and price hold promotion ongoing awareness campaign

2.3.2. Central Gippsland lifetime guarantee and new display now open ongoing awareness campaign

2.3.3. East Gipsland book stand at Sale shopping center again in Sept booking home magazine feature

2.3.4. Signage Securing Golf course signage Traralgon Secured highway position for Trailer in stratford, trailer with sign writer atm, should be ready early Aug. East gippsland looking for highway signage / paddocks in West and South Gippsland all sales team to get new copy for house and land signs to be re skinned and new opportunites new mesh banners and site signs artwork ordered, waiting on marketing

2.3.5. looking for more local sponsorship opportunities

2.3.6. South Gippsland Vibe magazine re booked for new display opening, running for 3 months paper advert to be booked for September school holidays

3. Building & Construction

3.1. Current structure up to 110 jobs

3.1.1. BM Paul Bray Greg R CM-East/Central Jason M Sup-Bairnsdale/Lakes Bill S Sup - Bairnsdale /Traralgon Leigh W Sup-Traralgon/Trafalgar East Region total jobs 24 Scott R CM-South/Central Mick H Sup-Wonthaggi Aaron W Sup-Wonthaggi/Phillip Island Nick M Sup-Phillip Island South Region Total Jobs 36 Central Region Total Jobs 12 West Region Total Jobs 36 Peter P Maintenance manager Peter G Maintenance Sup-South/West Richard M Maintenance Sup-East/Central

3.1.2. Leroy B CM-West/Central Matt H Sup-Drouin/Trafalgar Justin B Sup-Warragul/Traralgon Adam Ventieri-Drouin/Warragul

3.1.3. Ainsley W Constuction admin Future ventures taking over maintenance admin Current ventures Compiling Trade allocation from Cm's coming up with CRC training

3.2. Future structure up to 120 jobs +

3.2.1. Future growth East / Central currently maxed out to 36 jobs if work increases in area region to look at getting more sales for future growth Paul B BM

3.3. Staff Advancement

3.3.1. BM Paul Bray -Leroy Boatwood

3.3.2. CM East Greg Rowe-Jason Martins

3.3.3. CM west Leroy Boatwood-Justin Bersey

3.3.4. CM South Scott Robjant-Aaron Wakefield

3.4. Trades & Suppliers

3.4.1. South Gippsland Concerns with lack of quality trades which is impacting on Productivity Work through issues with CM & Purchasing Ongoing concerns with trade rates. Competitors paying more in the area making it hard to compete Paying loyalty bonuses for brickies & plasterers

3.4.2. West Gippsland Concerns with differences in trade rates between Metro & Country Ongoing discussions with Ash & purchasing

3.4.3. East & Central Gippsland Inconsistencies in site starts have led to trades taking up work with other builders Suppliers not providing consistent performance in these outer areas Looking at local suppliers to help relieve the issue

3.4.4. Trade rates Brick Cleaners All regions looking to change rate to between $60 to $65 Tilers rate Central ASAP authorised to pay $33 to $38 West/south East will hold of Caulking rate changed to match metro $275, south getting a further $50 No caulker in Central causing issues. looking into getting new caulker to take over works in region

4. Operations

4.1. Office Location

4.1.1. Traralgon 105-107 Argyle St

4.1.2. Bairnsdale 101 Main St

4.1.3. New office - Wonthaggi 108 Watt St

4.1.4. New Micro Office/Meeting Centre - Warragul display centre

4.2. Staff

4.2.1. Build an experienced team Recruitment Possible replacement of CRC West region Maternity leave replacement for Cara Training On site reviews with Construction Managers Siting and rescode with drafting team Estimating terminology and understanding framework and the VPB VBA training seminars on new building regulations Detention, soil classifications, stormwater & general engineering with Intrax & Enrik Energy rating - cost effective ideas to achieve 6 star on under performing assessments Building surveyors training - protection works notices, dispensation, section 173 requirements, approved drainange plans. In house training process for new staff first month (CRC specific) Shadowing of a senior staff member 3 days per week. 4 x 1/2 day - estimator training how to write a VO. 4 x 1/2 day with senior drafting how to read plans. 1 day in display with sales consultant the sales accept process and overview of our display. 1 day attending gallery/tile/electrical consult. 1 day drive around with construction supervisor. 1 day land run with OM. Staff Salary Expectations Salary increase and recognition of seniority to contribute to retention of valuable, high performing, experienced staff. Staff Amenity Proposed FY18-19 Gallery Upgrade New Wonthaggi Operations/Construction Office Proposed FY19-20 Traralgon Office Upgrade

4.2.2. CRC South region (Snr-trainer) - Skie Luke 2 + years experience, excellent customer service provider, extremely detailed, strong knowledge of the entire process from sales to construction due to a background as an SMA and small tight knit team. I would expect Skie would be the most recognised staff member in the business on product review. Struggles with balance, recently took a week of leave on burnout, feels value through recognition. Wants to be part of success. Team player.

4.2.3. CRC South region - Julie Carroll 6 weeks into probation. Mature and direct, Julie is teaching Skie how to close conversations and move clients on. She appears to be progressing well at this point. Will be challenging to manage as she likes to dominate.

4.2.4. CRC East region (Snr/trainer) - Jodie Lampkin 18 + months experience. Previously with Burbank. Leads the team in knowledge of BMO, DA, Planning. Currently managing 100 jobs, happy to drive down from Bairnsdale to train Emily. Has a "make it happen" attitude. Really drives her jobs through administration and to handover. Clients love her. Has had 4-5 product reviews in past four weeks. Direct, can be perceived as confrontational. Can sometimes stress before brainstorming. Team player. Senior skill set.

4.2.5. CRC West region- Ebonie Andrew currently under review, replacement plan discussed. Under review, has recently applied for her dream job with ASIC, did discuss this with me first. Struggled with the high job numbers this year.

4.2.6. CRC Central/West region- Emily Roberts Start date Monday 21/5

4.2.7. Permits Officer - Lynda Bray Takes full ownership of the permits division. Requires very little direction or guidance. Does not appreciate others getting involved in her work, she sees it as her portfolio. Has built solid relationships with council representatives and permit providers and can call in favour's when required.

4.2.8. Administration Support/Reception - Cara Leatham Currently transitioning from CRC position. Pregnant, commences maternity leave in November. Intending to return within 9 months. Good knowledge and understanding of operations and construction. Gentle, welcoming and friendly. Very accurate site files and contracts. Reliable, loyal, non confrontational.

4.3. Customer service excellence

4.3.1. Current display reviews and display upgrade documentation knowledge

4.3.2. CRC Quantum - 50 presite / 22 onsite

4.3.3. New construction/administration specific office in Wonthaggi

4.3.4. New micro office in Warragul Display for client site start meetings, contract signings and handover meetings

4.3.5. Proposed FY18-19 gallery upgrade

4.3.6. Target 90 product reviews, 87.5% average customer survey results

4.3.7. On site drating, production estimating and sales estimating staff to assist in timely response, region specific knowledge and cross training CRCs and Contract signatory

4.3.8. Continued development and training in production to increase accuracy of preliminary drawings and provide consistency and accuracy in estimating

4.3.9. Improved process for selection, review and education of clients at sales accept. Pre sales accept meetings with OM & CM for siting issues/retaining walls. Pre sales accept client meeting to set expectations regarding planning, BMO, power pits, demolition.

4.3.10. Proposed FY19-20 Traralgon office upgrade

4.4. FY18/19 Budgets, KPIs & Targets

4.4.1. Budgeted 245 site starts, 5 per week, 49 weeks. Target 251 site starts Based on FY17-18 results a slight increase on budget is an achievable target

4.4.2. Target Monthly Average OMR 22.8% Improved sales accept process to identify challenging sites and challenging builds. Earlier identification of difficult or poorly qualified clients with the intent of re educating on the process and capabilities within a volume build. Pre sales accept meetings regarding retaining walls. Better training and review around engineering. Develop consistent lower cost options for commonly occuring challenges Production estimating team to compare quotes to allowances in fixed site costs and flag excessive variances with PTL and OM Revision of SAM and VPB notes on site costs to ensure extra over costs can be charged. Gallery upgrade to provide tools to sell high margin gallery inclusions.

4.4.3. Target .35% ETS Improved communication between production and construction to ensure any orders missing from a job are then communicated to be included in future jobs. Continued gallery training. Continued CRC training.

4.4.4. Target 90 product reviews Further focus on regional team relationships. Tag team approach to ensure appropriate timing and process to achieve Product Reviews.Continued focus on excellent customer service throughout entire job from sales to construction

4.4.5. KPI 80%. Target 87.5% Average customer survey result Discussed with Nate, Revision is required to wording of customer survey. The rating method gives low scores not reflecting service level. ie. if a client logs in and surveys before they complete site start meeting they say no to site start meeting and CRC receives 1s. Clients need the ability to just provide a single rating of their experience and move on. Some clients get impatient with the survey and give low scores in retaliation. Maintain CRC quantums to allow delivery of excellent level of service. Continued training for broader knowledge to control client journey. Salary and amenity upgrades to assist in retention of key staff.

4.5. Focus

4.5.1. Stability, Consistency, Empowerment through increased knowledge and mandate to drive improvement within departments, Team building to strengthen relationships between sales, operations and construction within regions.

5. VC South WIP

5.1. WIP/Action Items

5.1.1. Office spaces Wonthaggi Office Moved in May Warragul Display office Moved in August Traralgon Gallery & Office update Leadership team has met with Issy to discuss the gallery update. Our gallery is looking very tired and needs immediate attention. Office needs an update to create a hallway for clients to go to the bathroom rather than straight through our office.

5.1.2. Growth for FY19 & FY20 Bins are filling up in each of the 4 sub regions Need to discuss how we can get additional jobs on site

5.1.3. Sales Displays Meeting with Display team Wed 8th in HO

5.1.4. Operations New CRC - Traralgon office Taylor started Thurs 16th

5.1.5. Construction How do we support additional jobs on site ? Trade rates need to be looked at Discussion about South Gippsland and providing a $1000 Office order for outer area surcharge

6. Budget Planning FY 18/19

6.1. Wonthaggi Office space

6.1.1. Current set up Small shopfront office with main focus on Sales 1 Sales Consultant 1 SMA/Receptionist 1 CRC 1 Construction Manager 3 Supervisors Additional Office space was requested in July 2016, but the answer was no due to budget restrictions. So a refurb was completed.

6.1.2. Proposed additional Office space Additional new office at 108 Bilson Street, Wonthaggi $2500 a month + outgoings $6k for office fitout + IT costs, not a lot of work required 2 months free rent to fit out Additional CRC starts 26/3 with limited space.

6.2. Warragul Office space