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ADDIE by Mind Map: ADDIE


1.1. Formative

1.1.1. How to collect different types of feedback (1:1, small group, field trial)? Which experts should review my materials before being presented to students?

1.2. Summative

1.2.1. How do I know if my course has been successful? Which changes should be made to improve the course after it is presented?


2.1. Train the instructor

2.1.1. How to explain objectives, media, activities, and assessments to adequately prepare instructors?

2.2. Prepare the learners

2.2.1. What incentives or extrinsic motivation is available? How to I introduce the lesson? What kinds of questions are best to use?

2.3. Arrange the learning space

2.3.1. How do I use PowerPoint slides or other presentation media? How do I use my time wisely during the lesson?


3.1. Clarify the instructional problem

3.1.1. What are the overall goals?

3.2. Establish objectives and learning environment

3.2.1. Re-evaluate current learning objectives and knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behaviors to be taught. How much content will be needed? What can be added/deleted from current model? What resources, including technology, funding, and staffing, are available? What else is needed?

3.3. Identify learner's existing knowledge and skills

3.3.1. How many learners? How will students access and at what point in their education?


4.1. Design assessments and exercises

4.1.1. How to assess students' understanding of the material? How will the content and activities be sequenced, presented, and reinforced?

4.2. Choose a course format

4.2.1. What media/resources will be used in the instruction?

4.3. Create an instructional strategy

4.3.1. What are the objectives of each session or unit? What skills or outcomes should be achieved for each? What methodology will be used to achieve skills/outcomes?


5.1. Create sample

5.1.1. Create storyboard and lesson plan; How should content be organized?

5.2. Develop the course materials

5.2.1. What instructor and student activities should be included? How do I provide practice or deliverables for students? What media should I use while teaching? How can I present confirming and corrective feedback to students?

5.3. Conduct a run-through

5.3.1. How can I incorporate feedback from client/students?