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GET by Mind Map: GET

1. Across

1.1. =To make someone understand or believe something

1.2. *He's not good at getting his idea across.

2. Around

2.1. *The new of his arrest got around bery quickly.

2.2. = to become known or to spread, to circulate.

3. Along with

3.1. = get on with: be friendly

3.2. *I don't really get along/ get on with my brother.

4. Ahead

4.1. =To be successful in the work that you do.

4.2. *It's tough for a woman to get ahead in politics.

5. At

5.1. =To suggest something indirectly.

5.1.1. *What exactly are you getting at?

5.2. = to reach, to access to something

5.2.1. *The cupboard is too high for me to get at it.

6. Away

6.1. =to go away from someone or something.

6.1.1. *Get away from me!

6.2. =to escape from someone chasing you.

6.2.1. *I get away from my brother.

6.3. =to have a holyday.

6.3.1. *My family get away for Christmas.

7. Down

7.1. *to cause someone to be depressed.

7.1.1. *This weather is getting me down.

8. On

8.1. =to put yourself on or in something

8.1.1. *I get on the bus.

8.2. =to remind somebody to do something, to continue.

8.2.1. *Get on with your business.

9. Out of

9.1. =to avoid something

9.1.1. *He is lucky to get out of the fire.

9.2. =to remove yourself from somewhere or something.

9.2.1. *I get out of my bed.

10. Over

10.1. =To overcome

10.1.1. *She never got over the shock os losing her husband.