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ADDIE by Mind Map: ADDIE

1. Evaluate



1.1.2. Evaluate objectives in design phase

1.1.3. Determine the type of project or instruction


1.2.1. Test the Design

1.2.2. Prepare opportunities for feedback from users

2. Design

2.1. Translate program objectives into learning objectives

2.1.1. Lesson Planning Create exercises Create Content

2.1.2. Determine assessment instruments

2.1.3. Subject matter analysis

2.1.4. Media Selection

2.2. Identify Necessary Resources

2.2.1. Implementation Costs Personnel Facilities

2.2.2. Administrative support

2.3. Determine Program Structure and Sequence

2.3.1. Decide program format

2.3.2. Decide mode of delivery

2.3.3. Duration and space

3. Implement

3.1. Develop Train the Trainer

3.2. Facilitators

3.2.1. Course curriculum

3.2.2. Learning outcomes

3.2.3. Method of delivery

3.2.4. Testing procedures

3.2.5. Train learners on technology on which the learning will take place

4. Develop

4.1. Developers create & assemble the content assets that were created in the design phase.

4.2. The project is reviewed and revised accordingly to any feedback given

5. Analyze

5.1. Establish instructional goals and objectives

5.1.1. Identify new behavorial outcomes

5.1.2. Clarify instructional goal

5.1.3. Establish the goals and objectives

5.2. Identify Learning Enviironment

5.2.1. Identify any learning constraints

5.2.2. What are the deliverable options

5.2.3. What are the online pedagogical considerations

5.2.4. What is the timeline for project completion

5.3. Identify Learner's existing knowledge and skills

5.3.1. Who is the audience

5.3.2. What the characteristics of the learners