Why Intergrate Technology

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Why Intergrate Technology by Mind Map: Why Intergrate Technology

1. 21st century skills

1.1. Critial thinking

1.2. Problem Solving

1.3. Teamwork

1.4. Flexibility

1.5. Adaptablity

1.6. Leadership

1.7. Cultural awareness

1.8. Digital Citizenship

2. Global World and Workplace

2.1. Teamwork and communication

2.2. Cultural

2.3. Social

2.4. Economic

2.5. Imaginative and technological

3. Standards Include Technology

3.1. Use advanced search and filtering techniques to locate needed information using digital learning tools and resources.

3.2. Apply principles of copyright, use digital citation tools and use strategies to avoid plagiarism when using the work of others as well as creating personal work.

3.3. Integrate accessibility principles to effectively communicate to, and meet the needs of, multiple audiences.

3.4.  Evaluate a technological problem that has benefited from a multidisciplinary approach.

3.5. Critically evaluate a design solution at multiple points of the design process. Consider design requirements and adjust processes and outcomes as needed.

4. Different Types of Learners

4.1. Multiple Intellegences

4.2. Culture, Ethnicity, and Language

4.3. Austisim


4.5. Learning and Intellectual Disabilities

4.6. Learning Styles

4.7. At Risk

4.8. Gifted and Talented

4.9. Physical

5. Content Standards of Technology

5.1. Multimedia

5.2. Non Linear Multimedia

5.3. Digital Video

5.4. Collaborative Projects