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HDFS 2200 by Mind Map: HDFS 2200

1. Gender

2. Relationship

3. Diversity

4. -What is family? -Family History -Family and Children -Work and Families -Family violence and abuse

5. Family

6. -Gender and spectrum

7. -Race, Ethnicity and Immigration -Family and social class

8. -Sexuality -Love and Romantic Relationships -Marriage and Cohabitation -Divorce, remarriage and blended families

9. Family Structure Matters — Science Proves It | National Review

10. Your family, immediately

11. How microaggressions are like mosquito bites • Same Difference

12. How racism makes us sick




16. Why I'm done trying to be "man enough"

17. 7 TED Talks on the gender spectrum


19. Beyond the birds and the bees

20. The Persistence of Sexual Double Standards - Clippings

21. What was I supposed to do, not report the results?

22. Is dating still dead?


24. Marriage update: less divorce, and less sex

25. The Suffocation Model: Why Marriage in America Is Becoming an All-or-Nothing Institution - Eli J. Finkel, Elaine O. Cheung, Lydia F. Emery, Kathleen L. Carswell, Grace M. Larson, 2015

26. As gatekeepers, moms hold keys to shared parenting duties

27. The fathers behind teen births (or, statistical memes and motivated blind trust)

28. International adoption to the US has fallen 75%

29. A Child Helps Your Career, if You’re a Man

30. The days of stay-at-home moms are 'long gone,' report finds

31. The impact of divorce on children: Tamara D. Afifi at TEDxUCSB

32. Gender stereotypes are as firmly held now as they were in 1980

33. Where does my family fall into these categories?

34. Family to me includes biological and self defined family. But what do others define it as?

35. -My families history effects my life today.

36. They came from all over, if they made one single choice differently, I may not have been here. My parents may not have met and so on... each little thing creates a big chain of events.

37. The section on sex education was important to me. This is something I may need to talk to my students about when I have them in my classroom. It really made me think of how and what I need to say.

38. Why is divorce something that is not seen in my family?

39. **give my partner the space he needs

40. A lot is expected of me simply because I am a women.

41. Race is an issue in my family. They are all from the deep south and growing up, they were taught that they were superior because of their race. This is really hard for me to share and honestly embarrassing, but I try my best to be respectful to my elders while trying to stand up for people.

42. Social class is going to be a big influencer in my future. As a future educator, the social class of the area I am teaching in will effect the resources and things like hat that I will have access to.

43. Why does our society discourage men being emotional?

44. In my own relationship I want there to be certain levels of eqaulity, respect, emotion and communication.

45. A lot of women in my family are housewives and I do not see a problem with that. They could have gone and worked if they wanted to but they chose to stay at home with the kids.