Brother's death

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Brother's death by Mind Map: Brother's death

1. my feelings

2. fear

3. shock

4. call from mom

5. I didn't believe it

6. I sat down on the bed

7. Woke up Anastasia

8. My hand was shaking

9. world turned upsite down

10. I was laughing a sec ago

11. he's not alive anymore

12. I went outside and came back

13. I didn't know how to act

14. I could't breath

15. first half an hour I had a bunch of thoughts

16. I didn't cry, I could't

17. I thought maybe I'm haer-hearted

18. everything is as if in a fog

19. he died of a mine

20. cry, laugh,again cry and cry

21. we were so closed, especially last couple years

22. he's is my big brother

23. my support and good adviser