Getting Grit - Caroline Miller

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Getting Grit - Caroline Miller by Mind Map: Getting Grit - Caroline Miller

1. Sitzfleisch

1.1. German Word

1.2. "Summoning up the inner resources to continue to work hard in spite of obstacles"

1.3. Power to endure or to persevere in an activity; staying power.

2. Don't ever Ring the Bell

2.1. Admiral William McRaven Speech at University Texas Commencement 2014 University of Texas at Austin 2014 Commencement Address - Admiral William H. McRaven

2.1.1. Seal training is one of the hardest things Everyone in seal training wants to quit at some point - when they are hitting rock bottoms

2.1.2. There is a brass bell that hangs at the center If you want to quit - Ring the bell

2.1.3. Once you ring the bell No more cold swims No more 5 Am drills No more crazy difficult courses

2.1.4. If you want to change the world, never ever ring the bell

3. Kerri Strug - "The Vault changed me forever"

3.1. 1996 Olympics

3.2. Trying to win Women's team gold

3.2.1. One of their star vaulters fell twice during Vault

3.2.2. Turned to Kerri Strug to do the vault - even though she wasn't the best at it

3.3. Kerri Strugg

3.3.1. Did the difficult Vault came down awkwardly Tore 2 ligaments in her ankle In serious pain

3.3.2. However, to get the team gold she had to do another vault

3.3.3. Inspite of the searing pain and 2 torn ligaments She ran 75 feet at top speed And did the perfect vault Landed perfectly Bowed

3.3.4. And then she fell to her knees Writhing in pain Could not even walk

3.4. US won the team gold!

3.5. The vault changed Kerri Strug forever. She said:

3.5.1. "The vault signifies a lot more than people understand. Because when all eyes were on me and I was in searing hot pain, I still delivered. Now How I view myself and what I am capable of is very different because of that vault"

4. Keys to Growing Grit

4.1. Goal Setting

4.1.1. Gritty people set HARD goals for themselves

4.1.2. Why are goals critical? Directing our attention Energizing Hard goals make us more persistent because they prolong our effort In pursuit of goals, we discover new skills and resources inside of us

4.1.3. Self-Efficacy Meaning = "I have what it takes to accomplish the goal in front of me" Why Self efficacy for Grit If you have it, you are more likely to set hard goals More likely to succeed and continue setting harder goals How to build self efficacy 1. Have a good stress response 2. Be around people who have accomplished what you are trying to accomplish 3. have mastery experience of accomplishing smaller goals Refer Books 6 Pillars of Self Esteem

4.1.4. Accountability Building in accountability is critical to goal achievement You can create accountability in various ways Mastermind Groups Coaches Broadcast your goals on a website/social media etc Tell others about your goals

4.1.5. Refer Books Goals - Brain Tracy Succeed - Heidi Grant Halvorson

4.1.6. "Best Possible Future Self" Exercise think of yourself 10 years in the future Write about the perfect you - 10 years from now In all areas of life Write an introduction to this version of yourself Books Psycho Cybernetics Total Recall- Arnold S Awaken the Giant Within

4.2. Self-Regulation

4.2.1. What it is Ability to regulate your impulses and emotions

4.2.2. Marshmallow Test

4.2.3. How to improve self-regulation 1. Do something simple and specific (but different from what you habitually do) every single day 2. Mindfulness Meditation

4.2.4. Other Books Willpower Instinct Willpower Emotional Intelligence The Marshmallow Test

4.3. Perseverance

4.3.1. Struggling Well Psychologist Chris Peterson: "Thriving people are good at struggling well" High grit people hate hard work just like everyone else - Angela Duckworth findings in "Grit" But they still do it Muhammad Ali

4.3.2. "Yet" Carol Dweck - Mindset Great TED talk on this One of the most powerful words for building persistence Study of school children trying to solve math problems Telling the child that "you did not solve the problem correctly YET" In face of challenges - Stop thinking NOW Think "Not YET"

4.3.3. Exercise - 3 Hard Things Scan for the 3 hardest things you did today Explain why they were hard How you did them Elaborate your strengths This exercise will build your confidence and ability to persevere in face of hardships Mani's Version of the Exercise Decide to do 3 Hard things every day Identify what they will be today Do the 3 hard things Write about the 3 hard things you did today

4.4. Risk Taking

4.4.1. People with grit take Risks Because they have self-efficacy I can figure this out I can handle this They do not fear failure

4.4.2. Failure High 5's - Sara Blakely When she was a kid Her dad would always ask her about "her failures" And then he would high 5 them for failures He taught her to extract a lesson from every failure "The only failure in life is the failure to not take action" - Sara Blakely

4.4.3. Exercise The payoffs of failure Go through your failures Identify what good has come out of each of them You can even do this exercise daily till you start feeling good about taking risks Tony Robbins Version of the Exercise Refer Book: Unlimited Power Kelly McGonigal Refer Book: Upside of Stress

4.4.4. The biggest Risk? Failing to take any risk in life

5. About Caroline Miller and Getting Grit

5.1. Worked with Dr Angela Duckworth, author of the NY Times Bestseller "Grit"

5.2. This book is all about proven ways to build grit in your life

5.3. Book Recommended For

5.3.1. Those who want proven, researched ways to build Grit in their lives