Next Library, Aarhus: a session about augmented reality and mobile services

A session about mobile library services and augmented reality by Sarah Houghton-Jan (aka. The Librarian and Black) and me at Next Library 2011, in Aarhus.

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Next Library, Aarhus: a session about augmented reality and mobile services by Mind Map: Next Library, Aarhus: a session about augmented reality and mobile services

1. first of all: KHAAAAAAAAAAN!!

2. let's take a good look at a single library mobile innovation

2.1. called "lending out"

2.1.1. the idea: the user knows best where to consume library material in car at home at work commuting in a train at summer cottage abroad in some other library in the kitchen etc...

2.1.2. making the actual, useful material mobile... not metadata

2.1.3. universal now

2.1.4. a question: do we think of a non-lending library even a library really?

2.1.5. let's learn from this

3. mobile OPAC? come on i want MOAR!!!11!!

3.1. where's the ambition?

3.1.1. we are like "the best in the world" in this stuff

3.1.2. but we don't act like it

3.1.3. designing a basic mobile library website (OPAC+opening hours etc.) shouldn't take longer than 10 minutes

3.2. "mobile library services"

3.2.1. it's about making metadata mobile metadata about material this is secondary information there's other ways to see "mobile" here... f.ex. Open Data metadata about libraries this is tertiary information

3.2.2. not about making the library or services mobile

3.3. just a CSS -file gets you far

3.4. a map of libraries is a little more, and might require actual work

3.5. the basic question about library's justification: how to make people's everyday life better?

3.6. if we are incapable, let's start promoting other's solutions

3.6.1. that's what a library is anyway: a proxy we didn't write the books in our shelves, did we instead, we build and maintain access to publications

3.6.2. librarians are The Knights Who Say N.I.H.

3.6.3. let's make a list of solutions, that are within our scope transport agency's mobile solutions mobile e-book reading software PressDisplay mobile newspapers have mobile solutions Google mobile websearch why a mobile app for library, when there is mobile Google Maps EndNote ...

4. library mobile service projects insult our librarianship

4.1. are we the last organisations with mobile services?

4.2. mobile OPAC is *trivial*

4.3. Finland

4.3.1. "Nokia country" please! sms "we" invented it 15 years ago where were libraries? wap yeah right

4.3.2. finnish library projects one ambitious project mobile lending by Axiell libraries waiting for a readymade solution most don't even know a solution exists nobody really gives a damn

4.3.3. hands up if you've heard of any finnish library mobile innovations? thought so...

4.4. wtf is the problem?

4.4.1. this has been discussed like 15 years now

4.4.2. we should look at this lameness sociologically, from within the profession

5. suggestions

5.1. librarians of the world: boycott our institutions insulting projects

5.1.1. i suggest, that we the library pros refuse from any library project, which builds a mobile OPAC and lasts for more than 2 months

5.2. empirically experience the mobile 1st hand

5.3. specify basic mobile services from the start with vendors

5.4. designing mobile first might be a good idea

5.4.1. ->Åke Nygren

5.4.2. mobile must be more useful

5.4.3. real website (non-mobile) are built for the libraryorganization srsly, do you have the most relevant information on the library frontpage? opening hours "how do i get there"? opac renewal toilets "is it nice there"? no, it's all sorts of disturbing bollocks, like book reviews etc. the first thing a user does when arriving at a library website is to start navigation

5.4.4. what was that generic library website design, by Aaron Schmidt etc.? mobile first

5.5. actually *be* mobile, don't just talk about it

5.5.1. open as much of data as possible circulation stats locations opening hours economical stats visitor stats staff stats ...

5.5.2. integrate to other services transport agency google maps

6. meta

6.1. A session with Sarah Houghton-Jan

6.1.1. aka. The Librarian in Black

6.2. at Next Library 2011 in Aarhus