Political Philosophers and Founding Fathers

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Political Philosophers and Founding Fathers by Mind Map: Political Philosophers and Founding Fathers

1. Voltaire; "Nom De Plume"

1.1. French enlightenment writer historian and philosopher. Famous for his wit, is a tax on the established Catholic Church and Christianity as a whole and his advocacy for freedom of religion, freedom of speech and separation of church and state.

1.2. Wrote plays, poems, novels, essays and historical and scientific works spoken advocate for civil liberties, despite the risk of this placed him in under the strict censorship a lot of the time

1.3. As a satirical polemicist he frequently made use of his work to criticize intolerance religious dogma and the French institution of his day

2. George Washington

2.1. Was the first president of the United States, commander of the army during Revolutionary War.

2.2. He is popularly consider the driving force behind the nations a Stabley Schmidt and came to be known as the father of the country

3. Alexander Hamilton

3.1. Wrote 51 Federalist papers, Believe in central government was the first secretary of treasury.

3.2. Influential interpreter and promoter of the US Constitution as well as the founder of the nations financial system, the Federalist party, the New York Post

4. James Madison

4.1. American statesman and fourth president of the United States. Founding father of the constitution

4.2. Most known for his pivotal role in drafting in promoting the United States Bill of Rights

4.3. Advocated for the reform of the articles of confederation and felt as though they needed to be trashed

5. Jean Jaques Rousseau

5.1. Franchophone Geneven philosopher, writer, composer of the 18th century.

5.2. His political philosophy influence the enlightened. In France, his disclosure on inequality in the social contract or cornerstones of modern day political and socail Thought

6. Alexis de Tocqueville

6.1. French diplomat, political scientist and historian.

6.2. Was best known for his works "democracy in America" (appearing in two volumes 1835 in 1840) he analyzed the improvement living standard and social conditions of individuals and their relationships to the market