Facial Recognition System and its applications

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Facial Recognition System and its applications by Mind Map: Facial Recognition System and its applications

1. Advantages

1.1. does not require the cooperation of the test subject to work

1.2. allows the police to track down criminals easily

1.3. very effective in terms of security measures

1.4. applies to other modern technologies

2. Disadvantages

2.1. may not be most reliable and efficient among all biometric techniques

2.2. hard to recognize when resolution of image is too low

2.3. pose variation may affect accuracy

3. Facial Recognition System

3.1. Background

3.2. Principle

3.3. Types of measurements for facial recognition

3.3.1. Traditional

3.3.2. 3-dimensional recognition

3.3.3. Skin texture analysis

3.3.4. Thermal cameras

4. Applications

4.1. Major security measures

4.1.1. Face analysis for catching criminals

4.1.2. Identification of arrivals and departures at customs

4.2. Applications in daily electronic devices

4.2.1. Face ID on iPhone

4.2.2. "Windows Hello" platform for Windows 10

4.2.3. Face recognition login for Xbox 360