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ADDIE by Mind Map: ADDIE

1. Analysis: clarify what is needed for course content

1.1. Determine the large or "macro" goal of lesson.

1.2. Determine the steps necessary to meet said goal.

1.3. Determine learner needs.

1.3.1. Who are our learners?

1.3.2. What do they know?

1.3.3. What don't they know?

1.3.4. What will they need to know to meet the objectives?

1.4. Determine learning objectives. Be sure to create specific and measurable objectives. Students will [verb] + [skill or knowledge] by ["ing"].

2. Design: Plan course content

2.1. Format: medium by which content is delivered.

2.1.1. Traditional

2.1.2. Hybrid or Blended What will be online? What will be face-to-face setting?

2.1.3. Online through LMS Are there visual or technical limitations?

2.2. Strategy

2.2.1. Lesson Planning (corresponds with part 2 of analysis: steps necessary to meet macro learning goal) Section LOs Module LOs

2.2.2. Collection/Creation Instruction materials Assigned readings Lecture Supplemental materials Assessments Summative Formative

2.2.3. Master Syllabus creation for course

3. Development: Create course Content

3.1. Write Necessary Lectures

3.1.1. Create Visual Content (i.e. presentations) Add presentations and scripts to LMS

3.2. Add Multimedia elements to LMS

3.2.1. Video Create Currate

3.3. Add links to any outside material

3.4. Create Syllabus and course outline specific to section

4. Implementation: Test course Content

4.1. If necessary, train anyone else using shell or content

4.2. Check that all...

4.2.1. Links work

4.2.2. Videos work

4.2.3. Assignments are listed

4.2.4. Quizzes/keys are correct

4.2.5. Points for assessments are correctly input

4.2.6. Syllabus is updated with correct information

4.3. Make sure that students are prepped. Have they...

4.3.1. Had required pre-reqs If no, advise registrar/academic advisor

4.3.2. Had LMS training If no, help them schedule immediately

4.3.3. Had orienation

5. Evaluation: judge course content

5.1. Formative Evaluation from administration/Academic Dean/Faculty

5.1.1. Assess clarity

5.1.2. Assess practicality

5.2. Sumative evaluation from course participants (namely, students) in form of mid-term and end-of-term formal evaluations

5.2.1. Their attitude toward class and teacher

5.2.2. Their reaction

5.3. Sumative and formative evaluation from instructor

5.3.1. Were learning objectives met?

5.3.2. Did students perform in course?

5.3.3. Were students engaged? motivated?

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