Carol's ADDIE Steps

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Carol's ADDIE Steps by Mind Map: Carol's ADDIE Steps

1. Analysis

1.1. Learner analysis

1.2. Instructional Analysis

1.3. Learning Goals

1.4. Learning Objectives

2. Design

2.1. The delivery format

2.2. The instructional strategy

2.3. The engagement and motivation strategy

2.4. The structure, sequence and pace

2.5. The costs , tools and personnel required including SMEs.

2.6. The content, tools,examples,scenarios, etc.

2.7. The storyboard

2.8. The post evaluation criteria

3. Development

3.1. Create the course using the asembled materials.

3.2. Create, samples, prototypes and a real time run through with timings.

3.3. Request feedback from all the major stakeholders.

3.4. Review the feedback and implement the necessary feedback.

3.5. Request a second review session with the major stakeholders.

3.6. Finalize the course.

4. Implementation

4.1. Implement a procedure and schedule for training the trainers or facilitators.

4.2. Prepare the learning environment and the learners.

4.3. Train the trainer or facilitators on all aspects of the training including the content, training technology, learning outcomes, assessments and evaluation criteria.

4.4. Train the learners.

5. Evaluation

5.1. Measure Reaction: Conduct an evaluation of the instructor and the training itself

5.2. Measure Learning: Conduct a knowledge check to see the learning that took place.

5.3. Measure Behavior: Conduct an evaluation of the learners in the real world performance environment.

5.4. Measure Results: Evaluate what changed in the work environment i.e (More sales, more confidence, more polite or faster)