Presentations:   How can you add interactions/interactivity to a presentation?

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Presentations:   How can you add interactions/interactivity to a presentation? by Mind Map: Presentations:   How can you add  interactions/interactivity   to a presentation?

1. Presentations can be a great tool to revise what the students just learned. The teacher can use it to create a competition between the students. This competition could contain sounds, images, videos, and feedback with the right or wrong answers. M. Alqarawi

2. When I was teaching, I started using Powerpoints my last year in the classroom, my 4th year of teaching. I had my own projector and the luxury of a bit more time than I had in previous years. I found that using the slides as background was a great tool in modulating class discussions. It gave the students a focal point upon which to base the class discussions. Hyperlinks were a great tool to supplement the material in the textbook and on the slides. Anna Jung

3. Important factors to make a presentation engaging are that the presentation should look attractive, there should be contrast between the background and font colors, and the slides should contain key points of the lesson with pictures to illustrate the ideas. There should not be too much text, just the key points. In addition, including video and some games reviewing the lesson will help the students to understand. The students could also make their own presentations with groups. Furthermore, there should be feedback and participation in the perfect presentation. Manal Alshebeili

4. There are many things that can make the presentation more attractive. By asking questions on the first is important. In addition, using of visual things carefully as appropriate for students like image, font color and the background are helpful to engage the student. by adding timer on the presentation when you are giving question or make competition between students will make the presentation more attractive. Qhaliah Shukhi

5. Having experienced the "death by PowerPoint" many times, I think using a presentation as a review or quiz tool is very creative. The quiz could act as a pre-test, providing feedback to the student on incorrect answers, but also providing much needed feedback to the teacher on items that may need reteaching. Students could create their own presentations to share with classmates or other classes.

6. I would start my presentation by telling the audience I want their questions and that I expect interaction. I would also ask a question at the beginning to get people talking and have their opinions. Studies have shown that being asked to participate in a presentation makes listeners more interested and engaged! Nehaya Alhamed

7. I think the most important factor in creating a presentation is to engage your audience. We have learned the value of adding images and sound as crucial elements to an effective presentation. In the classroom I have found that when students get to interact with the presentation materials it is more meaningful. Joy Carriger

8. I like to make my presentations informal, and encourage dialogue and discussion during the presentation. This helps keep the audience interested and allows me to check for understanding. -Marja DeFord

9. Enrich presentations using video, photo and animations. We can add bookmarks to indicate important points in a video clip or sound. In addition, it is good if you are using of properly formatted slides. When we say that a slide is properly formatted, it means that there is enough contrast between the color of the font and the color of the background to make the font readable. The font size is also big enough to enable even those sitting at the back to read it clearly. Shatha Almohanna

10. Some of the easiest ways to add interaction into a presentation are to engage the audience with questions or discussions. These could include slides with Google forms (ie. surveys, quizzes). Adding videos and hyperlinks to other sites can help with the "slide fatigue" and engage the participants  through different modes of learning. Also, clickers are a great tool, if you have them, to get immediate audience feedback and discussion tools. Lisa Dudley

11. There are ways to make everything more interesting.  It is all in the presenter and how they view the importance of engaging the audience.  I use Kahoot! in our classroom, I could use one of the different PPs and add Kahoot to the presentation to make it more meaningful and interesting.  Kris Marotta 10/15/16

12. You can add interactivity with presentations by adding action buttons, like in PowerPoint. This way viewers can decide what information they would like to review again. Interactivity can also be incorporated into a presentation by providing feedback on questions. -Yvonne Samuels

13. We can add interactions to a presentation by adding  a hyperlink to our presentation and then use it to go to a variety of locations such as a specific slide within our presentation. we also can add visual and audio effects. Faris Aljuaid

14. For my instructional presentations, I use SmartNotebook. That is a very interactive program and provides various activities to use for reviewing material. I use it mostly for reviewing vocabulary words and students are able to drag and match the word to its definition. You can make PowerPoints more interactive by adding hyperlinks that the user can use to navigate through the presentation and even complete tasks. -Marissa Harrer

15. I think you need to use pictures and music to make the presentation more interactive. If discussion questions are embedded in different parts of the presentation, it may also help to make the presentation more interactive. Lastly, the presentation can include interactions and interactivity if the presenter uses different transitions and slide designs. Shorog Dandeni

16. Use hidden slides, create links on existing slides that go to hidden areas that have more information. Cavanaugh

17. As a teacher I can see the benefit of using presentations as an independent activity. I really like the self-contained presentation we had to complete in class and I was able to utilize to its utmost potential in my classroom. I like the differentiation abilities this gives as well as the fact the students can work independently w/o me hovering over them! A. Wallace

18. Presentations sometimes need to provide more information than those slides, where you can add narrative recorder is run with the presentation will give much interaction to the students. Also it will be good it the slides in a logical manner so that the flow of the presentation is smooth. Every good presentation has a beginning, middle, and an end. Meshal Benhomaid

19. I think that the first thing will keep the presentation more attractive for audience is design or style of slides ,also when slides contain on background of sound or music so that will help me to keep listeners attention by using different sounds for each points or slide . In addition,when I add Images and graphics to slides , it can be extremely helpful in helping me convey information and it will facilitate on audience to understand subject .Areej Alshamrani

20. I believe the best way to create an engaging presentation is to figure out what the audience likes.  First, I need to make my presentations shorter, larger font and I need to add more interactive elements. I am going to start adding things like music, video and even surveys. I also want to add audio recordings to help keep it interactive. Elizabeth Johnston

21. Adding multimedia items help bring out the best of a presentation.  By adding pictures, movies, music it helps the audience stay engaged on what is being discussed.  I probably through in a quiz every few slides to make sure everyone is on the same page. Ryan Duzon

22. I think it is always possible to make presentations interactive. A way to promote interaction could be involving the audience in discussions through questions. Another way could be including in the presentation games and any type of exercise that requires audience's participation.  Moira Pileri Blanco 10/15/2016

23. We could that by adding images, videos, and animations. However, this should be done carefully with the understanding of the audience age, cultural, and preferences. By doing so, we could make sure that the presentation is appealing to the learners. Saleh Alghamdi

24. We can make our presentation more interesting if we put less words and more pictures. This is important because the presenter needs to be the one giving and presenting the information; whereas, the presentation should be there for topic support and not to facilitate the presentation. -John Carter-

25. A presentation is an an effective tool to deliver an idea and trigger the attention of the audience. There are many ways to add interaction or interactivity to the presentation. For example, adding multimedia such as images, audio, or video. Also, adding some effects to slides and their contents to make the audience interact with the presentation. Moreover, adding questions and possible answers that include some effects (true/false) to keep the audience focusing on the presentation.                                                                                Areej Alfozan

26. I believe that it is possible to make presentation attractive. Using a presentation tool enhances communication in the classroom. The advantages of Using a presentation tool is that it makes students excited, and interested, both teacher and student develop skill toward technology, Use of videos and images in applying the subject theory for easy understanding. a presentation tool not only has an impact on the students, but it also affects the teacher’s way of teaching. Abeer Alsaied