What is Technology???

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What is Technology??? by Mind Map: What is Technology???

1. My definition of technology before starting Technology Course

2. Historical examples of technology

2.1. Fire

2.2. The Wheel

2.3. stone tools

2.4. boats

2.5. man made shelters

2.6. the pyramids

2.7. farming

2.8. Animal husbandry

2.9. anything that contributes to the advancement of society at some point in time

3. Importation of Manufacturing Technology

3.1. Informational Component

3.1.1. Expertise of Management

3.1.2. Marketing

3.1.3. Production

3.1.4. Quality Control

3.1.5. Reliability

3.1.6. Skilled Labour

3.1.7. Logistics

3.2. Physical Component

3.2.1. products

3.2.2. tooling

3.2.3. equiptment

3.2.4. blueprints

3.2.5. techniques

3.2.6. process

4. What Philanthropist envision for the future.

4.1. Health

4.1.1. new vaccines and diagnostics for developing countries

4.2. Education

4.2.1. raising the level of education in poor countries

4.3. Farming

4.3.1. better seeds

4.3.2. better practices

4.3.3. credit for farmers

4.4. Banking

4.4.1. more financial institutions

4.4.2. better efficient cheaper transactions

5. Germinating technology

5.1. bringing back the dead

5.2. nano technology for diagnostics and internal repair

5.3. eye control technology

5.4. paper diagnostics

5.5. smart shape shifting clothing

5.6. carbon breathing batteries

5.6.1. solar power

5.7. reverse neurogical diseases, "opto-genetics"

5.8. bio memetic materials (self repairing buildings)

5.9. artificial intelligence, augmented reality and virtual reality

5.10. Geo-Neutrional Satellites, looking into whats is in the middle of the earth and mapping it.

6. My Creativity

6.1. The use of Mindmapping software. (new technology and way of thinking for me)

6.1.1. brand new to me

6.1.2. learning curve

6.1.3. a good tool for future projects

6.2. Opinion

6.2.1. Creativity and imagination are the seeds of technology. From Science fiction shows like Star Trek we find ourselves 30 years later using a flip phone which looks very much like the shows' transponder. Being able to play and dream allows us to plant ideas for others to grow.

7. Conclusion

7.1. technology is a word used to describe human innovation.

7.2. we dream up ideas. the idea is shared and it takes on a life of its own

7.3. it is also a term used for processes and manufacturing of things

7.4. it is forward reaching into uncharted territory

7.5. imagination and creativity along with engineering and know how give birth to new methods and items

7.6. it is a diverse word that is always evolving

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