How the video game is made or everyone to enjoy, but can be addictive

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How the video game is made or everyone to enjoy, but can be addictive by Mind Map: How the video game is made or everyone to enjoy, but can be addictive

1. Addiction to video games can be a problem

1.1. Because it leads people to an unhealthy life or risking it for death.

1.2. Parents are scared for there kids will become addicted and lose there social skills(Wagner).

1.2.1. Wagner reports that a "school in Iowa found that 8.5 percent of kids are addicted" to the internet (Wagner). I think that it could be true but that does not mean that you stop other kids from doing something they love to do.

1.2.2. A team at Stanford University medicine showed that people who are addicted there brains do not function the same (Wagner). I think that there are people that brains mess up from playing games, but not all people that are addicted brains do not hurt them.

1.3. It shows that video games are not addictive but it still shows to keep watch over your kids just in case they do become addicted (Young).

1.3.1. It shows that kids that play video games a lot there reaction time is quicker then a person that does not play (Young). It shows that some kids are becoming smarter by playing video games.

1.3.2. A man went 50 hours playing the game with ought eating or sleep and went to cardiac arrest but no one should play games for that long in one day (Young). I shows that people really can get hurt from being addicted so you should make sure you still take care of yourself.

1.4. Because It can lead to people changing there lifestyle to playing games

2. Online game playing game can't be addictive.

2.1. Because it would not make since if people ban violent video games it would change kids lives because they would have nothing to go to, to release there energy.

2.2. Online game playing can really be mind and body draining(Kimberly Young).

2.2.1. Kimberly young noticed that kids and teens can get emotionally attached to video games and lose social skills(Kimberly Young). I think she is trying to explain that kids are changing when they get addicted to video games.

2.2.2. It has gotten to a point that college campuses are starting support groups to help people(Kimberly Young). I think that people are being dramatic because if you just play the game a lot that does not mean you need help.

2.3. Video games are really not that addictive its just that you really enjoy it (Gray).

2.3.1. The decision of if video games are addictive went into the supreme court. They showed that just because they play violent and harmful video games does not mean there addicted (Gray). I think it was a good idea to go into supreme court to show the proof that it is not addictive in some cases.

2.3.2. In 2010 in Australia they tried to ban violent video games, but they said the same thing to defend not banning video games (Gray). I think that people should let kids play violent video games as long as they are the right age so they can't get any ideas.

2.4. Because a lot of people are not really addicted to video games they just love to play them.