Does video games cause teen violence.

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Does video games cause teen violence. by Mind Map: Does video games cause teen violence.

1. Villont video games promote antisocial behaviors

1.1. There are games where the player becomes the shooter and it leaves a bad thought in the players mind

1.1.1. There was a game where you got asked for a pencil by another pear and what ever you did was sposed to show if video games leave a vilont efect on you. This makes me think that if they tested this video game on kids some kids just might not give the pear the pencil because its a game.

1.1.2. In another research they looked at players facial expressions from when they dieded and when they got a kill and when they dieded there face showed anger and when they got a kill they showed happiness. Why this maters is because if something happens out side of video games they dont like they might remember the happiness of the video game which could cause violence.

1.2. The vilont video games stick out and cause bad behavors on kids

1.2.1. They found out players that play the video game call of duty just the images that are shown in the game may cause vilence because of the way the game makes the war go. The viewpoints will be different do to the player lets say the player is a vet and he sees something that reminded him of real war it could cause violence.

1.2.2. The hook is the study of behaviors and as they looked into the kids and figured out that more violent video games there are more of the violent kids there are. What does this mean it means that they should stop making such violent video games if kids turn out Vilont.

1.3. Video games do cause violence because of all of the vilent video games out there leave a bad impacted on weak mined kids or kids that think video games are real.

1.4. Video games can cause violence because some kids take video games very sere sly because they might think its real or are dickered to the game which could make the kid vilent out side out the game in the real world.

2. Video game culture does not promote antisocial behaviors.

2.1. Not all video games are bad or violent there are good video games as well like sports video games

2.1.1. Andrew reports that his "15-year-old gamer son... mourns the fact that the Blade [game console] was provided to me for review purpose" and had to be returned (Leonard). This means that the 15 year old gamer plays a lot of video games but according to his mom it really doesn't effect him and make him violent.

2.1.2. Niko says he games a lot and he has played a lot of diffrent types of games and he compares the games there are games like gta where you can rob and killm and destroy but there are also games like mlb a baseball game where there is no vilent or eligie things so he said its really the person who desides there aditud. This gamer says he has played for years and he has connected the different types of games and there are some good and some bad.

2.2. researchers looked into how video games effected kids and the vilont video games stook out the most

2.2.1. There is a lady that looked into vilont and racist video games and she basically said if there parents know that it is rated m for mature then they shouldn't buy it for there kid. This makes me think that if parents think that there kid will become violent and they know that the game is rated m for mature then they shouldn't buy it.

2.2.2. "People have been worried about the moral and ethical decline of video games for a long time," said Amaris, "but the mobile game boom is redefining what gamers are and what gaming culture is and it is changing old stereotypes. The kinds of gaming experiences that are out there are so varied and appeal to so many different audiences. It's a vastly different landscape than you had just a few years ago." This maters because some kids that are older and more matcher most likely arnt gana become vilont it apeals to all diffrent ages

2.3. I do not think video games make kids violent because if parents new that the video games would not be good for there kid then they shouldent have bought it.

2.4. I dont think that really any video games can make kids violent because if it really did make kids bad there would have probliby been a lot more shootings because most bad video games have shooting in them.