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Weather by Mind Map: Weather

1. Reading

1.1. Students will read the weather unit in their Science book. They will also research additional weather reports, documents or articles using additional text books, magazines or the internet.

2. Art

2.1. Students take their vocabulary words and create a poster using the words. The creative aspect is up to them. They can divide the poster into sections for each word, they can create one big image for all the words or something else entirely.

3. Technology

3.1. Students will use computers or iPads to help the research what weather reports look like. They will watch videos and read newspapers to see what information is provided to the viewers and take that to help them create their weather report.

4. Oral Language

4.1. Students culminating project will be presented to the class. In their groups, students will complete a weather report, using their weather vocabulary terms pretending they are the weather experts and the class are the viewers.

5. Vocabulary

5.1. Students will be assigned different vocabulary words based on their ability levels. Some examples would be:

5.1.1. Advanced Group: Barometer, Anemometer, Hygrometer, Condensation, Climate, Meterologist

5.1.2. Middle Group: Low Air Pressure, High Air Pressure, Atmosphere, Weather Map, Wind Vane, Rain Gauge, Weather Patterns

5.1.3. Lower Group: Hurricane, Tornado, Blizzard, Lightening, Cloud, Thunderstorm, Sleet, Snow

6. Writing

6.1. Students will pretend they're creating a weather report for a weather station. They will write out the entire report, using vocabulary words, and other information regarding weather that they've learned. Their report will be based on their vocabulary words.

7. Math

7.1. Students will create graphs (bar graphs, line plots, pie charts, etc.) to show weather patterns in a particular area of the world.