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1. Communicates securely

1.1. Recognizes the risks of posting personal information on the network

1.2. Identifies basic rules for the protection of personal information

1.3. Recognizes the concept of a stranger on the network

1.4. Learns about the dangers of communicating with strangers online

1.5. Learns about the basic rules for safe communication with strangers on the internet

2. Maintains a good digital reputation digital citizenship

2.1. Maintains behavior that meets socially . Accepted norms of morality and ethics

2.2. Respects proper laws , intellectual property and copyrights ( such as information , music , videos , programs , games )

3. Protects his/her personal information from deception , fraud and malware

3.1. Recognizes deception, fraud methos

3.2. Recognizes the types of malware and their impact on computers and data

3.3. learns basic rules to avoid becoming a victim of deception, fraus and malware

4. Protects him/herself from dangers (health, psychological) consciously the rules of health and psychological safety when using any electronic device that provides internet service and electronic games

4.1. Recognizes bullying as a bad and unaccepatble behavior

4.2. Uses appropriate methods to deal with abuses on the internet

4.3. Selects content that is useful and appropriate for its age

4.4. Recognizes the excessive use of the internet and the basic rules for dealing or avoiding it

4.5. Maintains propoer health status while using any electronic device that provide internet service or electronic games