3d Brainstorming Games: Goal 5 Ideas for Activities in 3d field

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3d Brainstorming Games: Goal 5 Ideas for Activities in 3d field by Mind Map: 3d Brainstorming Games: Goal 5 Ideas for Activities in 3d field

1. Other

1.1. learners don't have to understand every word -- just the intention

1.2. You are the apprentice so model is that you watch someone else do it a number of times and then you take over -- you've observed it, now it's your turn to do it

1.3. Learn by feedback -- not artificial -- want it to be organic experience

1.4. Inject some humor

1.5. social tension -- people getting upset, lines

1.6. not doing well? supervisor comes back to help you again, let's you observe some more

1.7. feedback from NPCs in verbal/non-verbal displays

2. Hello/Goodbye

2.1. time-based

2.2. gender specific

2.3. formality - friend/peer - adult

2.4. observe these interactions between two characters

2.5. maybe just simple -- not time/gender/specific

2.6. Kalani- Greeting passengers that are coming off the place -- "Good evening, welcome to so-and-so" - airline employee trainee, just the person that you are greeting people/repeating hostess

2.7. 2d GUI switch from day to night -- greetings change appropriately

2.8. physical gestures

3. Counting

4. Ordering Food

4.1. Cafe - great space for this

4.2. "Spaghetti please."

4.3. "Can you man the stand for me, I'll be right back?" - employee said

5. Finding your way around

5.1. "Meet me @ so-and-so place"

6. Helping lost girl find her mother

7. Getting money from an ATM

8. Challenges

8.1. no text - how do you give feedback to environment?

8.2. player with either click something on screen or hit key on keyboard and then hear audio

8.3. use abstract symbols to convey ideas?

8.4. use graphics/pictures

8.5. blinking icon guidance -- low complexity interface to guide response

8.6. do we want to use pictures corresponding with images? So NPC says, "I'm looking for a suitcase" and a picture of a suitcase appears above his head in 3d space (like a thought bubble).

8.7. interface

8.7.1. fixed-camera @ times can do fixed icons on screen -- maybe when you take over for certain tasks

8.7.2. tool bar @ bottom of screen

8.7.3. interact option adaptive "halo"

8.7.4. can all interactions be behaviors player performs based on what they hear?

8.7.5. mouse over response(?) and hear audio

9. Learning "words"

9.1. match graphics/words, will learn them and will increase number in your library

9.2. health score for words - charged by you hearing them in a convesation

10. Lost-And-Found Area

11. Baggage Handler

11.1. colors - Can you hang me my bag? It's blue.

12. Examples of non-speaking characters

12.1. Half-Life

13. Questions

13.1. scope of 2 month project goals?

14. active verbs

15. niceties

15.1. please/thank you

15.2. yes/no

16. how much