Low crop yield - low productivity

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Low crop yield - low productivity by Mind Map: Low crop yield - low productivity

1. land degradation and deforestation

1.1. agricultural practices not adapted to intensive land use and weather extremes

1.1.1. low adoption of agricultural technologies smallholder farming on communal land resistance to innovation

1.1.2. low access to information

1.1.3. low technical labour skills

1.2. poor management of land, water and soils

1.3. undiversified crops

2. low and erratic rainfall

2.1. climate change

2.1.1. Establish checkpoints

2.1.2. Acquire team resources for stage

2.1.3. Conduct stage kick-off meeting

3. insufficient access to land

3.1. landfragmentation

3.1.1. land pressure growing population

3.2. SHF on commonland vs estateland

4. Insecure Livelihood <- Food and nutrition insecurity

5. low resilience to weather shocks

6. Low income of farmers

7. Low profit margins for output on market

8. Uncompetitive value chains

8.1. high costs for farmers to access markets

8.2. limited quality of and access to marketing service provision

8.2.1. inadequate production and storage technologies limited public and private investments in transport, storage and packaging

8.2.2. inadequate infrastructure for agriculture marketing

8.3. weak linkages to markets

8.3.1. low participation by traders in agr. markets

8.3.2. limited information on market prices low accessibility (roads, technology)

8.3.3. transport and infrastructure problems

9. Weak and insufficient SHF organisations

10. limited access to credit and financial services

10.1. high interest rates

10.1.1. pooreconomicpolicies

10.2. lack of trust in SHF

10.2.1. low participation by traders in agr. markets

10.2.2. limited information on market prices low accessibility (roads, technology)

10.3. microfinance sector not well developped

11. lack of policy implementation

11.1. lack of political will

11.2. lack of ressources

11.3. Weak PFM

11.4. lack of alignment between planning and budget (FISP)

11.5. lack of good link with research

12. Low adoption of technogoly

12.1. low mechanisation levels

12.2. low levels of improved farm input

12.2.1. low access to farm inputs

12.2.2. sv

12.3. lack of investment in irrigation

13. weak extension service

13.1. weak distric tcapacity

13.2. poor coordination

13.3. lead farmers not active enough

13.4. underdevelopped pluralistic extension services

13.5. inadequate staff and training

13.6. weak link with research

14. young farmers are less productive

14.1. no participation in decision-making processes

14.2. limited access to assets,, mainly land

15. female farmers are less productive

15.1. women have smaller plots of land

15.2. limited participation in household and community decision making

15.3. lower litteracy levels

15.4. control of assets in hand of men

15.5. limited participation in production and markting of cash crops

15.6. less access to farm labour and mechanisation

15.7. prime victims of gender-based violence

16. Little dynamism on export market

16.1. low export base

17. no market incentives

17.1. low prices

17.1.1. difficult export procedures

17.1.2. prices set by domestic dominant actors

17.2. volatile prices of maize

18. Maize trap

18.1. obligatory own production of maize