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Marksmanship by Mind Map: Marksmanship

1. Proper body position

2. Keep both eye on target

3. Don't Pull

4. Trigger Squeeze

4.1. Grip

4.1.1. Hold the rifle steady

5. Proper Aim

5.1. Orient in the direction of targets

5.2. Aligned rifle with target the exactly the same way

5.3. Keep position of firing eye constant

6. zeroing

7. Weapon Qual.

8. Stance

8.1. Prone, Kneeling Standing

8.1.1. The closer to the ground the steadier

9. Breathing

9.1. Take deep breath to relax and focus on aiming

9.1.1. Do not hold your breath shoot at natural pause

10. Sight Picture

10.1. Placement of aiming point

10.2. Always go center mass

11. Follow Through

11.1. Keep eye on target after firing

12. Move only the trigger finger

12.1. Use only the tip of finger to squeeze not pull