What is the relationship between bullying and suicide?

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What is the relationship between bullying and suicide? by Mind Map: What is the relationship between bullying and suicide?

1. Bullying causes suicide.

1.1. If you are bullying people, are being bullied by people or are both of these, then you are experiencing long term negative effects on your mental health("Digital").

1.1.1. According to the article: School Bullying is Related to Mental Illness and Suicide, “youth who report any involvement with bullying behavior are more likely to report high levels of suicide-related behavior”("Digital") implying that people that are a part of bullying are more likely to be suicidal. This quote means that your are more likely to commit suicide if you are bullied, bullying or both.

1.1.2. The article: School Bullying is Related to Mental Illness and Suicide explains, “Bullying includes actions such as making threats, spreading rumors, attacking someone physically or verbally, and excluding someone from a group on purpose. Bullying can occur in person or through technology."("Digital") implying what bullying is. This quote matters because it explains what bullying is so if you are being bullied you can get help before it’s to late.

1.2. Judith’s 12 year old son died because of bullying(Santora).

1.2.1. Marc Santora explains, “Before his suicide, Daniel had failed to show up for 44 out of the last 78 school days”(Santora) meaning he was to scared and hurt to get his education where his bullies were. This quote makes me think that Daniel was being bullied so much that he could even come to school, because he knew he would be bullied like he was the day before.

1.2.2. Marc Santora states, “Daniel, using one of his neckties, hanged himself in his bedroom closet on Jan. 2, 2002”(Santora) saying how he ended his suffering. This connects to my viewpoint because it says that Daniel's bullies pushed him over the edge and he couldn't deal with it anymore.

1.3. Because if you are involved with bullying you are more likely to have mental health issues which can lead to suicide.

1.4. Because Daniel's constant suffering from his bullies, he committed suicide.

2. Bullying does not cause suicide.

2.1. Suicide has shown no evidence that bullying is the cause of it (McBride).

2.1.1. Dan Romer, director of the Adolescent Communication Institute at the Annenberg Public Policy Center at the University of Pennsylvania states that,"'allowing police to make statements about whether a bullying incident was the cause of the suicide is contrary to suicide reporting recommendations,'"(McBride) saying that police should leave it up to suicide investigators to decide if a suicide was caused by bullying. This quote means that the police do not have the expertise to make the judgment on weather a suicide was caused by bullying or not. They should let the suicide investigation expert make that decision, or it could influence the case.

2.1.2. Emily Bazelon went back and researched Phoebe’s story and stated, "Bazelon's story reveals a girl who was already experiencing mental illness when she arrived at South Hadley”(McBride) proving that she didn't kill herself because of her bullies at South Hadley. This quote matters because it proves that Phoebe's death was not caused by bullies at South Hadley. It states that she had already been dealing with mental illness before she started going to South Hadley.

2.2. Most times when people that kill themselves, they are depressed and have been showing warning signs for a long time(Painter).

2.2.1. Laurie Flynn, executive director of TeenScreen, states, “Often, teens do their best to hide their pain...'Kids try so hard to put their game faces on,'"(Painter) implying that it can be hard to recognize that someone is depressed. This quote shows that kids do there best to hide that they are depressed, so it can be hard to tell if they have a mental illness or are being bullied.

2.2.2. Courtney Knowles, director of The Jed Foundation, explains, “One problem is that 'a lot of the warning signs are very similar to typical adolescent angst,'"(Painter) meaning that some signs of depression in teens look like normal things involved in puberty. This quote connects to my viewpoint because it states that you, as a parent, may not know if your child is depressed or just going through things that come with adolescents. Don't assume that it's just puberty; talk to them about it.

2.3. Because you can't make a hasty generalization, Emily went back and researched the case and was able to figure out that Phoebe's suicide was in fact not primarily caused by suicide.

2.4. Because most people who commit suicide are depressed, and depression is not solely caused by bullying.