How are violent games contribute to anti-social behaviors in teens?

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How are violent games contribute to anti-social behaviors in teens? by Mind Map: How are violent games contribute to anti-social behaviors in teens?

1. Because kids will get aggressive towards teachers, parents and other children.

2. Because the sandy hook shooter was not influenced by violent games to shoot the school up.

3. Because violent games can cause irregularlities in a childs life.

4. Becayse the video games need violence to challenge the player and not meant to cause disorders

5. violent games don´t cause any psychological disorders

5.1. violent games did not influence the school shooter in the sandy hook shooting(Sullum).

5.1.1. From the article "lanza could not control his actions and could't be prevented"(Sullum). the shooting was a matter of "when" not why

5.1.2. From the same article "Super mario bros was the game he was playing up to the shooting and was his favorite game"(Sullum). he played more games that weren't violent

5.2. violent games are exaggerated(costikyan).

5.2.1. from the article"violence and horror are to cause struggle not to just be showed in a bad way"(costikyan). they are games to challenge your mind

5.2.2. From the same article "In first person shooting is to show of the exploration and problem solving"(costikyan). these games are to show the developer work and design

6. violent games cause mental disorders in teens

6.1. video games influence children to kill

6.1.1. quote from the article "violent words have been made an everyday thing and mothers are worried"(Flare) games can change their view to talk to others

6.1.2. from the same article another quote "aggression has been growing in pakistanian schools caused by games"(Flare) other countries are having the same problems which needs to be solved

6.2. games can do both but no one can prove either side.

6.2.1. a direct quote from the book grand theft childhood ¨middle school kids are more likely to fight with the teacher"(zipp). kids choose to cause problems in other places than home

6.2.2. from the same article another quote "already violent kids should be tested more than regular kids"(zipp). kids with different backgrounds should be studied