What is the relationship between schools dress codes and students rights provided by the first am...

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What is the relationship between schools dress codes and students rights provided by the first amendment? by Mind Map: What is the relationship between schools dress codes and students rights provided by the first amendment?

1. School dress codes violate students rights.

1.1. Because, the wrong choice could get you kicked out of class or suspended; and if you want to fight for your right to a hoodie or a short skirt, you and your parents may have to file suit and head for court.

1.2. Dress code requirements have violated the way that students can express them selves.(Robson).

1.2.1. Ruthann Robson is a professor at the City University of New York School of Law. voiced ¨Some schools try a total ban on images and words on any article of clothing(Robson). This quote means , that they were totally trying take away the kids rights to express themselves through clothing.

1.2.2. ''Especially in a town like this, where they're watching the Style Channel.'' was a quote from Lynsey Chutel a journalist at Quartz Africa in Johannesburg.(Chutel). This quote makes me think that a lot of kids feel that if you don´t wear the popular or expensive brands you wont be cool.

1.3. Schools have taken the dress codes rules to far by personal attacking or racially profiling.(Chutel).

1.3.1. Lynsey Chutel is a journalist at Quartz Africa in Johannesburg states that, "History and tradition and seemingly oblivious to how those rules excluded black South Africans".(Chutel). This quote matters because no race or culture should feel discriminated.

1.3.2. In the article Lynsey.said, "how the dress codes of the Pretoria High School for Girls and other South African schools restrict the types of hairstyles that students can wear."(Lynsey). This quotes shows that the school is okay with its form of discrimination.

1.4. Because,rigid school policies are common in South Africa. The young teenager who has become the face of this growing movement has had to change schools three times because of her hair.

2. School dress codes do not violate students rights.

2.1. Becuase,"Schools are finding it hard to keep up with designers' creativity in finding new ways to expose skin. Just as the new codes banned tube tops and backless shirts, schools are realizing they need rules against the new one-shoulder tops."

2.2. Many different school are being required to enforce the dress codes in schools(Daniels).

2.2.1. Zernike, Kate, wrote In the new dress codes, "One high school principal in an Atlanta suburb boasts of keeping twist-ties in her drawer to hoist boys' pants."(Zernike,). This quote means that students are very restricted on what they can and cant wear,and i feel that it is kinda of a lot to ask or a lot of rules that the kids have to abide by, because the new styles today don´t really follow some of these dress code rules.

2.2.2. Dr. Viola Vaughan, principal at Southeast Halifax High School said" That their school uniform policy has done a lot for the students both academically and behaviorally."(Vaughan). This quote makes me think that the principle does not really know how kids work.

2.3. Schools need a dress codes because students need to know the boundaries of what is okay and what can be disruption to students learning(Zernike).

2.3.1. Stephen Daniels a principle at a local high school stated in the article, "That the dress code was created to "help reduce violent gang activity, ease tensions between student" stated from (Daniels). This quote matters because it shows that adults think that cloths have a connection do violence and that by sticking us in uniforms that it will change anything.

2.3.2. Zernike, Kate the writer of "School dress codes vs. a sea of bare flesh." stated. The 15-year-olds don't have that kind of control over their lives yet."(Zernike). I think that this is a false statement because at 15 students are in high school , might have jobs , and maybe driving. with that comes a load or responsibility.I also feel that its their body so they should be able do do what they want.

2.4. Because,he believes that uniforms encourage a "sense of belonging" because they promote a feeling of community among the students and help make a troubled student feel like part of a supportive whole."