Should students have the right of concealed carry on campus?

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Should students have the right of concealed carry on campus? by Mind Map: Should students have the right of concealed carry on campus?

1. Students should not have concealed carry on campus

1.1. Despite the push by organizations like the NRA to legalize concealed carry on campus, college homicide rates remain a rarity despite the coverage of high-profile shootings in America ("Students for").

1.1.1. The Students For Gun Free Schools organization says "In 2003, there were 11,920 total gun homicides in the United States, but only 10 total murders on the nation's college campuses"("Students for"). This matters because it begs the question, why fix what is not broken. if the system already is in place that protects enough toward only a fraction of gun deaths are on campus why would we risk legalization of something to provide protection for a non-problem.

1.1.2. The Students For Gun Free School organization quoted a study that " found that the NICS database is "deeply flawed" and missing millions of disqualifying records"("students for"). This makes me think, if we legalize concealed carry, how do we effectively guard against criminals getting weapons on campus when the checking systems are already flawed.

1.2. Although concealed carry activists say that legalization will save people, a new study finds that gun legalization will worsen crimes (Beck).

1.2.1. A Christian Science Monitor study states that "just 12 percent of all mass shootings involving six or more people between 1966 and 2016 occurred in a truly gun-free zone"(Beck). This connects to the view point because it proves that gun free zones are actually, safe contrary to what most gun activists say likewise of the viewpoint.

1.2.2. Researchers at Johns Hopkins University's Bloomberg School of Public Health finds that "allowing concealed carry on university campuses is unlikely to decrease mass shootings"(Beck). This means that if researchers at a trusted university study and come the conclusion that allowing widespread concealed carry on campus, why would we legalize something that would only lead to more violence.

1.3. Because we have a system that is already in place that works in effectively protecting students.

1.4. Because if we had guns on campus crimes would only increase and worsen.

2. Students should have concelled carry on campus

2.1. The director of public relations for Student Concealed Carry On Campus states that college campuses one of the last obstetrical for the widespread legalization of concealed carry (Burnett).

2.1.1. Burnett, David states that "there have been more than a dozen other college shootings since Virginia Tech. They all occurred under gun-free zones"(Burnett). This matters because it provides claim that gun free zones are not safe and would be safer with concealed carry. making there purpose void with evidence of past mass shootings.

2.1.2. Burnett, David explains that,"Every public university in Utah has allowed concealed handguns on campus since 2006,with no shootings or incidents of any kind reported"(Burnett). This makes me think that could this system work on a larger scale? Utah being a smaller state stands as a test subject on whether this system works or not, since it has worked here could it work throughout the USA?

2.2. According to Ms. Collins, a rape victim, if woman are armed with concealed carry they would be able to defend themselves from attackers ("Colorado anti-gun").

2.2.1. State Sen. Greg Brophy noted that "there has never been an incident of a shooting on a Colorado college campus in all the years that concealed carry has been legal on campuses"("Colorado anti-gun"). This means that the system of concealed carry on college campuses in Colorado is a working good system, this is denoted at the lack of shootings in the state campuses and could hint at its future widespread implication.

2.2.2. Economists John Lott of Yale University and William Landes of the University of Chicago "found that only one public policy reduced mass shootings: laws permitting concealed carry"("Colorado anti-gun"). This connects to the view point because it proves it through a trusted individual correct. If the only thing to halt mass shootings is through concealed carry would it stand to say that college campuses would be safer?

2.3. Because not allowing guns onto college campuses is causing needless deaths from violence.

2.4. Because if we legalize concealed carry then crime would decrease because people will be able to better defend themselves.