Enterprise Business Intelligence

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Enterprise Business Intelligence by Mind Map: Enterprise Business Intelligence

1. What is?

1.1. provide the enterprise with a repository of “trusted” data

1.2. Environment

1.2.1. Receive data for alaysis Reliable Consistent Understandable Easily manipulated

1.2.2. Why? Where the business has been Where it is now And where will be in the future

2. Evolution of BI from Strategic to Operational

2.1. Strategical

2.1.1. Achieve long-term organizational goals

2.1.2. Executives, alaysts

2.1.3. Months to years

2.1.4. Historical metrics

2.2. Tactical

2.2.1. Conduct short-term analysis to achieve strategic goals

2.2.2. Executives, alnaysts, LOB managers

2.2.3. Day(s) to weeks to months

2.2.4. Historical metrics

2.3. Operational

2.3.1. Manage daily operations, integrate BI with operational systems

2.3.2. LOB managers, operational users and systems

2.3.3. Intra-day

2.3.4. Right-time metrics

3. Benefits from Right-Time BI

3.1. Data latency

3.1.1. time duration to make data ready for analysis

3.2. Analysis latency

3.2.1. time from which data is made available to the time when analysis is complete.

3.3. Decision latency

3.3.1. time it takes a human to comprehend the analytic result and determine an appropriate action