What is the relationship between student freedom of speech on campus and their first amendment ri...

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What is the relationship between student freedom of speech on campus and their first amendment rights? by Mind Map: What is the relationship between student freedom of speech on campus and their first amendment rights?

1. The author says this because they feel that schools have every right to interfere with conflicts that go in in students lives on and off campus

2. The author says this because they believe that school officials have the right to punish students who break school rules off campus

3. school policies do not infringe on student rights

3.1. Most students don't use their first amendment in the classroom or didn't know that they could use it so because they don't use it in the classroom school officials think they can take it away outside the classroom as well .

3.1.1. "The constitutional rights of students in public schools are not automatically coextensive with the rights of adults in other settings" This means that the rights given to adults in life are not the same as the rights given to students in the classroom. I strongly disagree with this statement because I feel that EVERYONE has a constitutional right to speak what they want, dress how they want, believe in what they want no matter the age,race or gender so stripping these rights from students I feel is just very unconstitutional. There are already so many rights minors don't have and taking away their first amendment when we already don't have the chance to use it often is just simply unfair.

3.1.2. "The Board specifically prohibits any assembly or public expression that ... advocates the use of substances that are illegal to minors...." This is saying that the school board prohibits any clothing or meeting or poster or sign or public display that talks about use of illegal things.

3.2. Schools have the right to interfere with conflict with student speech off campus

3.2.1. our nation's high schools that free speech is too free. This means that schools believe that other schools who give students their first amendment give the students too much freedom. this I completely disagree with because I feel that schools should give students access to their first amendment rights.

3.2.2. School boards have the authority to determine "what manner of speech in the classroom or in school assembly is inappropriate." What this is saying is that school officials have every right to determine what and what isn't acceptable in the classroom so basically if a school official doesn't agree with what a student does,says or wears they have every right to punish them. I feel that this is very wrong and disagree with it in every way possible because its completely unfair.

4. school policies infringe on student rights

4.1. parents feel it's their child's constitutional right to be able to say what they feel off school grounds

4.1.1. "That's her constitutional right to write what she feels ¨ This makes me think that Because it states in the constitution that we as citizens of the united states of america have freedom of speech; because our founding fathers of the united states worked so hard to make it possible for us to speak our mind and not be judged or discriminated on we should have the right to use it and not be punished for doing so.

4.1.2. "It was very colorful language I don't approve of, but I didn't like the fact that the school stepped into my home," I believe that everyone has the ability to speak their minds and share their thoughts even if others don't agree with them. One thing I stand strongly for is equal rights so the school stepping into a situation that happened outside of school definitely is not okay. Everyone's first amendment rights should carry on in and outside of school, so the school stepping in to a situation outside the classroom for a situation that lawfully did no harm because the student had the right to do so was not okay.

4.2. students have the right to do as they feel and use their first amendment rights on and off campus without punishment from the school for off campus decisions

4.2.1. a school "must be able to show that its action was caused by something more than a mere desire to avoid the discomfort and unpleasantness that always accompany an unpopular viewpoint." meaning a school official cannot just simply punish a student because he or she individually did not like something that student wore, did, or said. UNLESS it was harmful or the school has enough proof to penalize the student because of their actions. a student should not be punished for taking advantage of the rights given to them.

4.2.2. recognizing that the goal is not to protect students from all offensive speech, but only to prevent offensive speech from making schools chaotic or unsafe. This means that the schools are never trying to be unfair, but that they are trying to take the right tactics in order to make their schools safer and better so therefore all penalization is for the better of the school.

4.3. The author says this because they feel that students have every right to use their first amendment right to the furthest exent

4.4. The author says this because they believe that restricting student freedom of speech takes away the voice of those who have every right to express themselves