what is the relationship between gun laws and school shootings?

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what is the relationship between gun laws and school shootings? by Mind Map: what is the relationship between gun laws and school shootings?

1. students should not be able to carry guns on college campuses.

1.1. According to Jesus Villahermosa, to minimize school shootings, there is no proof that students and staff carrying guns will prevent it from happening.

1.1.1. A study conducted by Darby Dickerson reports, "The Second Amendment—the right to keep and bear arms as established by the U.S. Constitution and many state constitutions—is not at issue in this controversy. Rather, this is a policy debate over how best to ensure public safety, as the Second Amendment is subject to reasonable restrictions, such as bans on guns in schools" (Dickerson). this quote means that even thought the second amendment states that we have the right to carry guns, this can sometimes be a bad thing

1.1.2. Darby Dickerson, dean of Texas Tech University School of Law, discovered "in fact, research has shown that the brains of most college students have not fully developed with regard to impulse control and judgment; therefore, allowing students access to guns could actually increase reckless shooting incidents" ( Dickerson). this is important because it shows you that even when you are in college you still are immature or not fully developed. saying this also makes me think why we let kids and students play with guns or have guns on campus

1.2. stated by Education Week website, parents of the victims started fighting for the gun control law and and other ways to stop school violence, and tried to convince lawmakers to limit access to semiautomatic weapons.

1.2.1. Nicole Hockley, Mother of Dylan Hockley, killed at Sandy Hook Managing Director, Sandy Hook Promise, said "It's important that people know that gun violence is preventable when you know the signs."(Hockley). this quote shows that you might not know when or how or why someone might go on a rampage or just give out and start shooting people but when they do, you have to be prepared, also if there are any simpumes of aggressivness with gun use or threats you ahe to report it!

1.2.2. Dewey Cornell, Education Professor University of Virginia, stated " We deal with young people before they're even thinking about committing a school shooting, when they're being bullied, when they're feeling alienated, when there's some other problem going on"(Cornell). this matters because not only does Dewey observe what people are going through, we all should. doesn't mean we have to stalk them, just make time out of your day and make sure they are okay and think before they do something they regret.

1.3. because there will be a increase in school shootings and death incidence

1.4. because students and teachers may not think about what they are about to do and just go on rampage just because of something stupid

2. students should have the right to carry guns on college campuses.

2.1. According to David Burnett, in order to feel safe, licenced student and teachers should be allowed to carry a gun on college campuses(burnett).

2.1.1. A survivor of one of the worst college shootings in the history of the U.S, told the reporter "the total randomness of the killing was still hard to get over; without the ability to resist, the choice of life or death rested solely in the hands of a mentally deranged killer" ( Burnett) This quote means that when someone is so angry and messed up that they go on a rampage and shoot people, you no longer have control if if you are going to live or die... it now rests in the hands of the killer

2.1.2. David Burnett, the director of public relations for Students for Concealed Carry on Campus , stated "In nine minutes he fired 174 shots, killed 32 people and wounded 15—traumatizing a whole campus and leaving an entire nation to grieve, and although the massacre was devastating, it could have been far worse: The killer missed with 73 percent of his shots, and he had more than 200 rounds remaining" (Burnett). this quote makes me think that if cops would have arrived just a little bit later, far more students and teachers would have been hurt or killed!

2.2. According to David Sherfinski, The federal government is putting more effort into enforcing existing gun laws.

2.2.1. David sherfinski, writer and editor of Washington times, researched ""In November, the month before the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School claimed the lives of 20 schoolchildren and six adults, the federal government prosecuted 482 weapons cases, according to the Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse (TRAC) at Syracuse University - the lowest single-month total since November 2009 and the second-lowest monthly total since President Obama took office in January 2009" (sherfinski). this matters because when president Obama was in office, the number of gun prosecutions went down and the number of shootings went down as well.

2.2.2. In the article, David sherfinski, notes that "At a Senate confirmation hearing this week for B. Todd Jones to be made permanent head of the ATF, Mr. Cruz pointed to figures from 2010, when the Department of Justice brought just 44 prosecutions out of 48,000 reported attempts to purchase firearms illegally"(sherfinski). this quote is important because the department of justice only brought in a little fraction of the cases, that's a really big deal!

2.3. because students and teachers will have protection for themselves in dangerous situations.

2.4. because there will be a decrease in deaths for school shootings