managing the classroom.

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managing the classroom. by Mind Map: managing the classroom.

1. When teachers give instructions, it is important for them to check that the students have understood what they are being asked to do.

2. the teacher in the classroom

2.1. physically demostrative the managemnet of the class.

2.2. the student respond to what happens in class

3. proximity

3.1. the reactions a student in the classroom

3.2. they should be to the students they are working with.

4. appropriacy

4.1. the techer used created

4.1.1. the students learned work in pairs

5. movement

5.1. their class time in one place

5.1.1. others spend a grat deal of time walking from side to side

6. awareness

6.1. in order to manage a class successfully

6.1.1. the student watching and listening just as carefully as teaching

7. variety

7.1. is important the teachers to vary the quality of their voices and the volume they speak at.

8. conservation

8.1. is important they breathe correctly so that they do not strain their larynxes

8.1.1. the tecahers to have voices throug the day

9. talking to students

9.1. students relationship is not the same as that betwem parent and child.

10. What information do they need first?