managing the classroom

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managing the classroom by Mind Map: managing the classroom

1. teacher in the classroom

1.1. talk clear

1.2. have a control

1.3. make your class a better enviroment

2. proximity

2.1. Teachers need to consider how close they should be to the students they are working with. Some students are uncomfortable if their teacher stands or sits close to them. For some, on the other hand, distance is a sign of coldness.

3. movement

3.1. Some teachers tend to spend most of their class time in one place – at the front of the class, for example, or to the side, or in the middle

4. appropriacy

4.1. -Deciding how close to the students you should be when you work with them is a matter of appropriacy. ---So is the general way in which teachers sit or stand in classrooms. -Many teachers create an extremely friendly atmosphere by crouching down when they work with students in pairs

5. using the voice

5.1. tone of voice clear and appropiaty

6. audibility

6.1. Clearly, teachers need to be audible. They must be sure that the students at the back of the class can hear them just as well as those at the front.

7. variety

7.1. It is important for teachers to vary the quality of their voices — and the volume they speak at — according to the type of lesson and the type of activity. The kind of voice we use to give instructions or introduce a new activity will be different from the voice which is most appropriate for conversation or an informal exchange of views or information.

8. conservation

8.1. Just like opera singers, teachers have to take great care of their voices. It is important that they breathe correctly so that they don't strain their larynxes.

9. talking to the students

9.1. to solve the problem

9.2. to take a decision to all classroom

10. giving instruction

10.1. This issue of how to talk to students becomes crucial when we give them instructions. The best activity in the world is a waste of time if the students don't understand what it is they are supposed to do

11. awareness

11.1. -the teacher has to be aware of what students are doing and, where possible, how they are feeling. --This means watching and listening just as carefully as teaching