Societies and their Transformations

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Societies and their Transformations by Mind Map: Societies and their Transformations

1. Language

1.1. more diverse languages have derived today, along with languages that don't require physical speech

1.2. Over 6,500 languages today

2. Technology

2.1. Cameras

2.1.1. From making trips to get film developed to now everyone having digital cameras and sharing them on every social media site possible

2.2. Telephones

2.2.1. It's not common people still have "landlines" now a days, more than 85% of the population own at least one cell phone which has replaced many things

3. Government

3.1. Branches of government

3.1.1. The three branches of government has changed over time with new rules and laws with the help of the US constitution

4. Culture

4.1. Alternative medicine

4.1.1. This has morphed into a huge deal when it comes to medicine. There are now ways to help treat cancer vs the times when we couldn't figure out how to treat a cold or the flu.

4.2. Food

4.2.1. Fast food There are over 50,000 fast food resturants in America compared to the times when people struggles to even make food to survive.

4.2.2. Resturants There is a huge more selection in the different forms and types of foods at resturants. There is Chinese, Japanese, Italian, etc, hosted in America.

4.2.3. Gas stations/grocery stores With as many gas stations and quick grocery stores we have locally it makes it a lot easier to get food than when people had to hunt their own food. Even a few decades ago grocery stores may not have enough food for everyone but today this isn't a problem.

5. Beliefs

5.1. Slavery

5.1.1. It used to be said that slavery was a normal thing, today, it is illegal making it so everyone gets paid to work

5.2. Sexuality

5.2.1. At one point in time homosexuality was considered a crime, than considered a mental disorder, now today it is accepted world wide

5.3. Religion

5.3.1. Today holds 19 major religious groups, with over 270 subgroups who all have their own and different beliefs

6. Geography

6.1. GPS

6.1.1. GPS's are used now to guide people along the roads and land of the universe and is very accurate, with the alternative of the maps that people drew or printed

6.2. Construction

6.2.1. The construction and building of the US has changed drastically overtime, there are millions more buildings, more train tracks, state roads, back roads, and traveling routes.