Managing the classroom

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Managing the classroom by Mind Map: Managing the classroom

1. Susana Jasmin Araniva Martinez

2. Awareness

2.1. We have to know how students are learning

2.2. we have to pay attention not only at the knowledge of students, also in how he or she is feeling.

3. Using the voice

3.1. Audibility: That means that we have to make sure that all ours students are listening what we are saying. The students of the back and front.

3.2. Has teacher we have to take account 3 important things:

3.3. Variety: As we know we change our tone of voice when we are saying something, a topic or given instruction.

3.4. Conservation: We have to take care our voice, so we have to keep it simply sometimes. Not speak too loud and breath.

4. Movement

4.1. It is very important to know how we are going to move, because that could make a great time of classes.

4.2. It is necessary to keep in mind that not moving is not good but moving back and forth is unnecessary.

5. The teacher in the classroom

5.1. It is really important to know how we are going to develop our role in the classroom, there are some examples:

5.2. The way that we move inside the classroom is very important, we are physically demonstrative can have a clear effect on the management of the class

5.3. The other point is how we are going to response when something is happening with students.

6. Proximity

6.1. It is very important to know if students feel comfortable if we are standing at his or side.

7. Appropiacy

7.1. Sometimes we would like to do dynamis that for us can be funny but for ones students it could be very weird or strange, because

8. Giving instructions

8.1. They must be kept as simple as possible, and they must be logical.