History of Acting

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History of Acting by Mind Map: History of Acting

1. Ancient Theatre : The Foundation of the play, film etc.

1.1. The first actor

1.1.1. Thespis reciting the poem --> He was the character Thespian

1.2. Purpose

1.2.1. To honor Dionysus : God of liquor and entertainment. At Athens Hymns

1.3. Become Festival

1.3.1. compettitions Music Dance Poetry The winner : Thespis

1.3.2. New Topic

1.4. The ancient play

1.4.1. One actor played --> "Protagonist"

1.4.2. Chorus of people --> help telling the story

1.4.3. Developed play Second actor created --> "Antagonist" Then the third were created

1.5. Genre

1.5.1. Comedy

1.5.2. Tragedy

1.5.3. Satyr

2. Definitions of Acting

2.1. (from Oxford dictionary)

2.1.1. Noun The art or occupation of performing fictional roles in plays, films, or television.

2.1.2. Adjective Temporarily doing the duties of another person.

2.2. (From Marriam-Webster)

2.2.1. the art or practice of representing a character on a stage or before cameras

2.3. Mark W. Travis

2.3.1. (Director, Writer, Consultant and Teacher of Film Directing at various Film schools and organizations worldwide.)

2.3.2. "Acting is when an individual takes on the role, behavior, attitudes, etc. of another person, perhaps in a scripted environment like a play or film."

2.3.3. "And now he is in the character. And now he is acting. But, what is he doing? What is really going on inside the actor? There is a very conscious activity going on that I call ‘acting awareness’. The actor is controlling, constructing, consciously and unconsciously manipulating the character to behave in certain ways based upon all of his research, training, preparation, etc." he said when he was seeing the actor doing acting

2.4. Sanford Meisner

2.4.1. “Acting is the ability to live truthfully under imaginary circumstances.”

2.4.2. (American actor and acting teacher)

2.5. Ned Chaillet and Lee Strasberg

2.5.1. Acting, the performing art in which movement, gesture, and intonation are used to realize a fictional character for the stage, for motion pictures, or for television. (Redio drama editor, artistic director

3. History of Acting

3.1. Ancient time

3.1.1. Acting = interpreter Verbal, written literature ---> nonverbal

3.2. Then, developed

3.2.1. Brander Matthews (the American drama teacher) "The actor needs to have under control not only his gestures and his tones, but all other means of stimulating sensibility and these should be ready for use at all times, wholly independent of the words of the text."