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Tipos de redes by Mind Map: Tipos de redes

1. redes de área local : la interconexcion de ordenadores personales.

2. Choose icons and images to decorate your mind map

3. Visit the MindMeister Academy to learn all the tricks and become a great mapper in no time!

4. hay cinco tipos

5. según la cobertura

5.1. redes de área personal

5.2. nos permite comunicarnos con nuestros dispositivos personales y establece conexiones inalámbricas con otros dispositivos de la red, como el ordenador

5.3. redes de área local

5.3.1. interconexión de ordenadores personales en una empresa

5.4. redes de área metropolitana

5.5. el internet

5.5.1. Change your map layout by opening the layout options in the upper left corner of your screen

5.6. Advanced

5.6.1. Open the Theme menu from the bottom of your map editor to change your map theme

5.6.2. Create a presentation of your mind map by clicking the presentation icon in the bottom left corner of your screen Simply hold down COMMAND i.e. CTRL and Click & Drag to create a slide for one or multiple topics Set transitions for your slides Click "Start Slideshow" to view your presentation

5.6.3. Open the Sharing Settings from the bottom of your map editor to share the map with a friend or publish it to the web You can share your map with anyone via email You can publish your map and enable anyone with an internet access to find it You can embed your map on a blog or website

6. según la cobertura

6.1. redes de área personal: permite comunicarnos con nuestros dispositivos personales.

7. Mobile Apps

8. Tutorial Videos

8.1. With our short tutorial videos you can get to know MindMeister's most important features in a matter of minutes

9. Mind Map Training

10. Key Shortcuts

10.1. To view the most important shortcuts, click on the question mark in the bottom right corner of your map editor, then click "Key Shortcuts"