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The Time Traveller's wife: Claire Abshire by Mind Map: The Time Traveller's wife: Claire Abshire
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The Time Traveller's wife: Claire Abshire

Much like Audrey Niffenegger herself, Clare is a papermaking artist, very committed to her craft. Touching things is what makes them real to her. Then why does she fall in love with Henry, a time traveler, the most elusive person of all? A case of opposites attract?


When Clare first meets Henry as a six-year-old, she's a good Catholic schoolgirl, who believes in God and good manners. She's very suspicious of Henry and not easily convinced by his stories of time traveling.But the more time Clare spends with Henry, the more she trusts him and longs for his company."I never chose Henry. He never chose me. So how could it be a mistake?" (1.8.217)Her inability to have children with Henry, however, seems to be the last straw in her frustration with this determinism.

Met her husband at the age of 6

Said no the first time her husband proposed

She was left alone on their wedding day three times

She spent important occassions mostly alone


Although Henry tells her that he's never seen them with a child in their future, she challenges this verdict, again and again, and her faith finally prevails. She gives birth to Alba, proving Henry's omniscience wrong.

Unfortunately, she had a lot miscarriages

She gave birth to Alba!

She may have the same gene disorder as her husband but she can control it (a bit)


She loves papermaking because she loves tangible things. "I like to do things directly, touch the textures, see the colors" (2.1.75).

She makes paper sculptures just like the author of the novel

She finds joy and more importantly, freedom in her work

She has a studio dedicated to her sculpting work


Clare was raised by Etta, the housekeeper, while her own mother hovered somewhere "off in the clouds." After her mother's death, Clare is devastated, because she never even had a chance to have a heart-to-heart with her mother. When she later discovers that her mother dedicated a poem to her that not only witnesses her love but also her respect for Clare's choices in life, she's finally able to let go of the quest for acceptance that plagued her since childhood.

A proper Catholic girl

Raised mainly by the housekeeper

Often wandering off in the meadow where she met her husband Henry