What is the relationship between sexting and consequences for adults?

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What is the relationship between sexting and consequences for adults? by Mind Map: What is the relationship between sexting and  consequences for adults?

1. Sexting can cause consequences for adults

1.1. Sexting can cause divorces and even get some people in prison (Gould).

1.1.1. Joe Gould, a writer at the Army Times had this to say "The access to smartphones and the internet increases the probability of sexting" (Gould). This means people that have smartphones and internet access are more likely to sext.

1.1.2. Joe Gould "Sexting in adults today occurs mostly through text message" (Gould). This makes me think that text messages are the main thing use to sext.

1.2. Research says that sexting relates mainly to adults (Grinburg).

1.2.1. Emanuella Grinburg , who works at CNN had this to say"74% of people who sext each other are in a relationship" (Grinburg). This means that more than half of the population who sext are in married or in a relationship.

1.2.2. Emanuella Grinburg, "88% of adults ages 18 though 82 have admitted to sexting "(Grinburg). This mattes because almost every adults in the ages 18 to 82 have engaged in sexting. Thats alot!

1.3. Because it can land them in jail and ruin careers and cause divorces.

1.4. Because adults are more likely to sext because they are older.

2. Sexting is ok for adults and doesn't cause consequences in the future

2.1. Sending naked photos is so common today that it should be legalized for all ages (Trunk).

2.1.1. Penelope Trunk, a blogger who writes about her dating life after divorce says,"when you send a naked photo of yourself to somebody that means you usually have trust in the person receiving the text" (Trunk). This matters because you have trust when ever you send a naked picture of yourself

2.1.2. Penelope trunk thinks that"If you are always suspicious than you will never learn to trust somebody or get to know them online" (Trunk). I think that this statement is important because I think it is safe to be a little nervous and suspicious.

2.2. Sexting among adults is very common that is ok and harmless (Shadel).

2.2.1. Jon Shadel,"88% of adults between the ages of 18 to 82 have admitted to sexting in the past 12 months" (Shadel). I think that the majority of adults have at least sexted once in their lifetime.

2.2.2. Jon Shadel,"In my class my peers have admitted to sexting regularly and doing it often" (Shadel). This means that not only adults sext, but teens do it as well.

2.3. Because adult sexting is ok because you are mature and can handle it and is appropriate because you are grown.

2.4. Because it is so commom that nobody really cares or thinks about it they just do it.