NMC/Horizon Report & Beyond

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NMC/Horizon Report & Beyond by Mind Map: NMC/Horizon Report & Beyond

1. EDUCAUSE offers to buy the New Media Consortium’s assets

2. EdScoop: Horizon Report's future remains uncertain after sudden NMC closure: Edtech organizations are figuring out how to move forward with the popular annual report after New Media Consortium dissolved.

3. What happened with NMC?

3.1. Bryan Alexander: The New Media Consortium: its sudden death and what comes next

3.2. Campus Technology: New Media Consortium Suddenly Ceases Operations

3.3. EdSurge: New Media Consortium Unexpectedly Shuts Down, Citing ‘Errors and Omissions’ by CFO

3.4. Educause Review: Thoughts on the Loss of the New Media Consortium

3.5. ETechLib: So Long, NMC, We'll Miss You

4. Follow-up & Fall-out

4.1. Hack Education: The End of NMC (and the Future of the Horizon Report)

4.2. Future-U: Beyond Horizons? Or Where to next for a vital future-focused tribe?

4.2.1. Twitter: Bryan Alexander: Good question. 1) It could end. 2) Trustee could sell it and it disappears. 3) We could quickly finish the 2018 higher ed report. 4) We could reimagine a new thing, a Horizon 2.0 for the future. #NMCliquidation

4.3. Twitter: James O'Neal: What is the future of the Horizon Report?

5. Next Steps?

5.1. Beyond the Horizon Report: a plan and a call for participation

5.2. Help name our new future of education project

5.3. FOECast, Future Of Education foreCast.

5.3.1. Announcement Twitter: #FOECast

6. Resources

6.1. Tracking

6.1.1. Slack Channel: Beyond the Horizon

6.1.2. Twitter: #NMCLiquidation

6.1.3. Bryan Alexander Blog Twitter

6.1.4. Eden Dahlstrom Twitter

6.2. NMC Report Archives

6.2.1. Hack Education Historical Data

6.2.2. Learn Tech Lib

6.2.3. Wayback Machine

6.3. Related

6.3.1. Hashtags #EdFutures #FutureU

6.3.2. Organizations E20 Best of Education EDUCAUSE Future-U IMS Global Learning Consortium

6.3.3. Reports Etc. EDUCAUSE: Top 10 IT Issues, Technologies, and Trends 2018 Top 10 IT Issues Higher Education's Top 10 Strategic Technologies and Trends for 2018 2018 Key Issues in Teaching and Learning (Infographic) Campus Technology: 7 Ed Tech Trends to Watch in 2018 Ed.gov: Reimagining the Role of Technology in Higher Education; A Supplement to the National Education Technology Plan, JANUARY 2017 Citrix: Technology Trends in Higher Education Today and Tomorrow Optimal Partners: Top 5 Higher Ed Technology Trends for 2018

6.3.4. Other Digital Bodies

7. NMC Background & Purpose

7.1. NMC

7.1.1. Blog

7.2. NMC History

7.2.1. The NMC was founded October 17, 1993 by a group of hardware manufacturers, software developers, and publishers who realized that the ultimate success of their multimedia-capable products depended upon their widespread acceptance by the higher education community in a way that had never been achieved before. Apple Computer, Adobe Systems, Macromedia, and Sony White Paper

7.2.2. NMC Charter Members Academic Charter Members  California Polytechnic at Pomona (CA)  California State University at Long Beach (CA)  Stanford University (CA)  Georgia Institute of Technology (GA)  University of Hawaii at Manoa (HI)  Lewis-Clark State College (ID)  University of Michigan (MI)  University of Minnesota (MN)  University of Nebraska-Lincoln (NB)  Princeton University (NJ)  University of New Mexico (NM)  Cornell University (NY)  Hostos Community College CUNY (NY)  New York University (NY)  Elizabeth City State University (NC)  Ohio State University (OH)  Pennsylvania State University (PA)  Houston Community College System (TX)  Bennington College (VT)  Virginia Tech (VA)  University of Wisconsin-Madison (WI)  University of Calgary (Canada) Technology Charter Members  Adobe  Apple  Clement Mok designs  Digidesign  Eastman Kodak  FWB/Hammer  Korg USA  Macromedia  Oracle  Prentice Hall  Sony  Supermac

7.3. University of Michigan

7.3.1. "University of Michigan Academic Tier 1 Member | www.umich.edu Member since 1994"

7.3.2. Campus Liaison Tom Bray