Classical and Operant Conditioning.

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Classical and Operant Conditioning. by Mind Map: Classical and Operant Conditioning.

1. Classical conditioning: This conditioning is referred to a natural or involuntary response in the behavior of someone as a result of an action or situation.

1.1. Classical conditioning example: A stomach virus would produce a response of nausea. As in the example we can realize that the reaction is natural or involuntary.

2. Operant conditioning: This conditioning changes the behavior of someone by causing a result or consequence after an action.

2.1. Operant conditioning consequences will have two characteristics: Reinforcement or punishment, those can be positive o negative.

2.1.1. Operant conditioning example: A teacher will give extra point to a student that is well-behaved, eventually the student will realize that having a good behavior he can earn more points.

3. Conditioning: Is a type of learning that connects a stimulus to a human behavior, there are two types of conditioning: Classical and Operant.