Inside Court's Camera

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Inside Court's Camera by Mind Map: Inside Court's Camera

1. About Me

1.1. How I started photography, why I love it, purpose of the page

1.1.1. google form (who is a photographer, etc)

2. Blog

2.1. Blog posts of favorite photoshoots (why they're favorites, more examples of the photos, etc.)

2.2. Photoshoot Outfit Ideas, Makeup inspiration, links to Pinterest

2.2.1. Social Media, digital logo

2.3. Tips for photographers (shooting, editing, locations)

3. References

3.1. Websites used to create this site

4. Contact

4.1. Subscribe, Visit my website for business inquiries

4.1.1. Contact form, link to website, Courtney Wiatt Photography graphic w QR code

5. Home

5.1. Have a Slideshow of photos; underneath, put categories with options: Tips for photographers, photoshoots I love, get inspiration, contact me

5.1.1. categories

6. For Photographers

6.1. Info about photo editing, my camera, etc.

6.1.1. Infographic

6.1.2. Digital video